Fiery Graphic Arts Package, Premium Edition

Preview. Troubleshoot. Correct.

Delivering outstanding, high-quality prints every time is critical to your business success.

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The Fiery® Graphic Arts Package, Premium Edition provides expert tools right on the Fiery server for soft proofing, colour correction, file troubleshooting and more. 


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Be confident that your output will print right every time. Best-in-class, integrated tools allow you to quickly make file adjustments directly on the Fiery® digital front end (DFE) without needing to go back to prepress. This saves time and keeps your production running smoothly.  

The Fiery Graphic Arts Package, Premium Edition makes it fast and efficient for you to:
  • Preview full-resolution post-RIP raster files in Fiery ImageViewer, including variable data content
  • Identify and correct file issues on the fly, including low-resolution images, artefacts, transparencies, spot colours and missing fonts
  • Quickly make global colour edits with curves
  • Provide accurate softproof PDFs to clients to streamline remote review
  • Create custom colour bars with sluglines for colour quality control and at-a-glance job information for archiving
  • Preflight files manually or automatically via Fiery Hot Folders to easily identify job errors before they result in unsellable print products
  • Confirm conformance to industry standards such GRACoL and FOGRA