Fiery Graphic Arts Pro Package

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Reduce the cost of producing print. 
Get the job right the first time. Fiery Graphic Arts Pro Package provides expert tools right on the Fiery server to identify and correct print production problems before they result in rejected jobs and wasted clicks.

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The following features are included with Fiery Graphic Arts Pro Package.

Fiery ImageViewer

View and edit post-RIP raster files at full resolution.

  • Adjust colour curves and save as a preset
  • Replace specific colour tints throughout the document or on a selected page
  • Export soft proofs
  • View separations for CMYK and specialty colours
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Fiery Spot Pro

Powerful spot colour management tools that deliver accurate brand colours. 

  • Work seamlessly with designers to ensure brand colour consistency
  • Simplified spot colour management
  • Powerful tools to customise spot colours
  • Easily conform to colour standards
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Fiery Preflight

Integrated preflight capabilities on the Fiery DFE. 

  • Check for missing elements such as spot colours or fonts
  • Identify potential errors like lo-res images, overprint, hairlines, etc
  • Automate via Hot Folders or Fiery JobFlow
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Fiery Postflight

Visual tool to identify page element errors. See a colour-coded report that shows:

  • Colour spaces
  • Spot colours
  • Calibration information
  • Also includes a printer test page to help identify engine defects
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Fiery Control Bar

Customized process control bars

  • Choose from Idealliance/Fogra or custom colour bars
  • Customize job information shown
  • Flexible page placement
  • Use with Fiery Verify to measure colour against industry standards
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