The following features are included with Fiery Graphic Arts Pro Package.

Fiery ImageViewer

View and edit post-RIP raster files at full resolution.

  • Adjust colour curves and save as a preset
  • Replace specific colour tints throughout the document or on a selected page
  • Export soft proofs
  • View separations for CMYK and specialty colours
 Fiery ImageViewer icon

Fiery Spot Pro

Powerful spot colour management tools that deliver accurate brand colours. 

  • Work seamlessly with designers to ensure brand colour consistency
  • Simplified spot colour management
  • Powerful tools to customise spot colours
  • Easily conform to colour standards
 Fiery Spot Pro icon

Fiery Preflight Pro (Fiery FS500 Pro and newer servers only)

The ultimate set of PDF quality control checks. 

  • Verify file compliance against industry standards,
    like ISO (PDF/X, PDF/VT, PDF 2.0, etc), or Ghent Workgroup
  • Identify potential errors like low-resolution images, overprint,
    or missing spot colours
  • View errors and warnings in the interactive Fiery Preflight Pro report
 Fiery Preflight Pro

Fiery Preflight

Integrated preflight capabilities on the Fiery DFE. 

  • Check for missing elements such as spot colours or fonts
  • Identify potential errors like lo-res images, overprint, hairlines, etc
  • Automate via Hot Folders or Fiery JobFlow
 Fiery Preflight Icon

Fiery Postflight

Visual tool to identify page element errors. See a colour-coded report that shows:

  • Colour spaces
  • Spot colours
  • Calibration information
  • Also includes a printer test page to help identify engine defects
 Fiery Postflight icon

Fiery Control Bar

Customized process control bars

  • Choose from Idealliance/Fogra or custom colour bars
  • Customize job information shown
  • Flexible page placement
  • Use with Fiery Verify to measure colour against industry standards
 Control Bar Builder icon