Fiery Impose PDF Imposition Software

Fully visual imposition software that automates job submission

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Boost your production efficiency with the most intuitive PDF-based sheet imposition software on the market. Its tight integration with Fiery® Command WorkStation®, makeready software, and prepress tools streamlines print job submission.


See if Fiery Impose is the right solution for you.


These features provide some of the great functionality you can find in Fiery® Impose. For more information visit the Resources page.

fiery impose gangup          

Gangup layout styles
  • Use unique, repeat and other gang-up styles
  • Start cutting, sorting and packing before jobs finish printing
  • Avoid tedious manual calculations and let Fiery Impose define the best gangup repeat layout and copies to print after entering known parameters such as media size, number of finished products, and others

fiery impose booklets    Booklet layout styles
  • Produce saddle-stitched, nested saddle or perfect-bound booklets
  • Move jobs between Impose and Booklet Maker

fiery impose tools    Imposition tools
  • Automatically detect the trim box and bleed box
  • Detect image overlap and non-printable area
  • Control scaling options
  • Determine the distance between two reference points
  • Adjust for creep
  • Define the bleed to ensure full bleed output after trimming
  • Customize trim and fold marks
  • Accommodate additional space required by finishers for gripping or trimming a sheet

fiery impose vdp    VDP support
  • Impose VDP jobs as easily as regular jobs
  • Sample a set of records on a raster preview or print a record range for proofing purposes
  • Add a control strip for quick identification of spoiled sheets


Offline slitter/cutter/creaser finishing automation
  • Automate job preparation and finisher setup with all major offline slitter/cutter/creaser devices
  • Include barcodes and registration marks that are recognizable by the barcode scanner
  • Use pre-made Impose templates to automate most common jobs
  • Prep jobs in just one click and save up to 70% in job setup time

Duplo USA logo         

Automate Duplo offline finishing for custom layouts
  • Create a custom imposition layout with cut, crease and perforation marks for Duplo Slitter/Cutter/Creasers
  • Set up both the layout imposition and finishing settings in Impose with direct communication to the Duplo DC-618

fiery impose preview    Page assembly
  • View thumbnails and full-screen previews
  • Add, delete and duplicate sheets
  • Archive imposed jobs as PDF files for easier reprinting

Adobe Acrobat Logo    Editing
  • Apply last-minute edits with Adobe® Acrobat® Pro 2020 (available as a separate purchase)
  • Print a job information strip for quick identification

fiery impose cover setup    Media definition
  • Define cover pages and dynamically change pagination by inserting blank pages
  • Reduce errors by specifying media assignment with visual reference to final content
  • Define custom substrates and add them to Paper Catalog

hot folders small   Automation
  • Eliminate redundant tasks and reduce errors by creating and saving custom templates for re-use
  • Define Fiery Impose templates from Fiery Hot Folders, Virtual Printers, Job Presets, Server Presets and Fiery JobFlow workflows