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Fully visual imposition software that automates job submission

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Boost your production efficiency with the most intuitive PDF-based sheet imposition software on the market. Its tight integration with Fiery® Command WorkStation®, makeready software, and prepress tools streamlines print job submission.


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The new version of Fiery Impose in Fiery Command WorkStation 6 includes the following new features:


 CWS 6.6 new feature

Custom imposition for Duplo DC-618 finisher - New in

Use Fiery Impose to create custom imposition layouts with cut, crease, and perforation finishing settings for high-value jobs that can be readily processed by the Duplo DC-618 finisher for fast production turnaround.

End of support for Impose and Compose dongles 
End of support for Impose and Compose dongles  - Applicable in 6.6
Fiery Command WorkStation version 6.6 will no longer support dongle-based licenses for Fiery Impose, Compose, or SeeQuence Suite. You need to replace your dongle-based license with an License Activation Code (LAC) software-based license to continue using your product with Fiery Command WorkStation 6.6 and future versions, to take advantage of the latest features.

If you want to continue using your Fiery product without replacing the dongle, you can do so with Fiery Command WorkStation 6.5 or previous versions.
Adobe Acrobat DC subscription support 

Adobe Acrobat DC subscription support
 - New in
The “Edit in Acrobat” feature in Fiery Impose now integrates with your own Adobe Acrobat DC subscription, giving you the flexibility to access the latest Acrobat PDF editing capabilities directly from Fiery makeready applications.

Note: Enfocus PitStop Edit is not compatible with Adobe Acrobat DC. If you would like to use Enfocus PitStop with your Adobe Acrobat DC subscription, you will need to purchase Enfocus PitStop Pro.

CWS 5.7 new feature

Makeready multi-tasking with Fiery Command WorkStation
 - New in 6.5
Prepare jobs in Fiery Impose, Fiery Compose, or Fiery JobMaster while continuing to prepare and print jobs from Fiery Command WorkStation. This multi-tasking functionality allows you to continue to manage urgent jobs in Command WorkStation, plus at the same time, prepare another job in your chosen Fiery makeready software.


Integrate with slitter/cutter/creaser finishers - New in 6.4

Fiery Impose integrates with the widest number of slitter/cutter/creaser brands to automate job submission from prepress to finishing to save hours of time in job preparation.

Download the How-to guides including device profiles and premade templates for: AusjetechGraphic WhizardDuploMBM AerocutMorgana AutoCut ProPlockmatic AutoCut ProUchida, and Triumph cutters.


For more information, visit the what's new guide.