Fiery Impose PDF Imposition Software

Fiery Impose
Fully visual imposition software that automates job submission

Boost your production efficiency with the most intuitive PDF-based sheet imposition software on the market. Its tight integration with Fiery® Command WorkStation®, makeready software and prepress tools streamlines print job submission.

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It works with Fiery Command WorkStation 6.

The new version of Fiery Impose in Fiery Command WorkStation 6 includes the following new features:

Integrate with slitter/cutter/creaser finishers - New in 6.4

Fiery Impose integrates with the widest number of slitter/cutter/creaser brands to automate job submission from prepress to finishing to save hours of time in job preparation.
Download the How-to guides including device profiles and premade templates for:  AusjetechGraphic WhizardDuploMBM AerocutMorgana AutoCut ProPlockmatic AutoCut ProUchida, and Triumph cutters.

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Duplo finisher layout import

Automate offline finishing for custom layouts
  • Import a Duplo layout file and set up imposition in just seconds
  • Ensure a perfect match with Duplo settings and preview the finished product before printing
  • Create a Fiery Impose template for future automated workflows

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 Layout offset Impose

Layout offset
Move the entire layout around the sheet surface to accommodate additional space required by finishers for gripping or trimming a sheet. Using the layout offset setting, you can: 
  • Define the distance between the edge of the sheet and the layout trim box so that the layout is off-centered
  • Save the setting in Fiery Impose templates to automate future jobs.
 custom sheet margin Impose

Custom sheet margins
Meet the margin requirements of your offline finisher. Define margins on each side of a selected sheet size. By default, the sheet margin is the non-printable area. Margins can be adjusted to:
  • Maximise the layout area
  • Meet the margin requirements of your offline finisher


Gangup automation by media size
Use the new Based on Trim Box finish size  for gangup imposition templates and let Fiery Impose calculate the best orientation and number of repetitions on the fly, considering the desired media size to print on. Drastically reduce the number of gangup templates to manage, with only one imposition template per sheet size for gangup jobs.

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Auto page rotation 
Automatically detect and rotate pages in a job to ensure that all pages have the same orientation. You can also include the rotation requirements in a Fiery Impose template, and apply it to automation workflows.


Presets for marks 
Save your preferred mark settings as presets on a client machine and reuse it for future jobs. Having the ability to reuse mark settings with one click will help you speed up their imposition setup.


Mixed media for VDP covers
Set media for the covers of VDP booklets that is different than the body pages. 
Supported in external Fiery servers running Fiery FS150 Pro system software and above.


Usability enhancements
A set of new features help you produce high-value print products more profitably, in less time, and with fewer clicks.
  • Easier preference settings allow you to control settings without leaving the makeready application
  • Ability to preserve window and pane size offers you a consistent experience when re-opening the application
  • Faster job saves and quicker sheet size selections as Impose remembers the most frequently used settings


Show media colour 

You can preview the colour of the media in the Sheet View pane, for a visual confirmation of the media selection and a reference for fast media identification in long documents.

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Page insertion enhancement 
This feature provides a new way to specify where to insert the selected page(s) in addition to drag and drop. So, inserting a page into an exact location in a hundred-page document becomes a breeze.

For more information, visit the what's new guide.