Fiery JobFlow Base and Fiery JobFlow sample workflows

You can build your own workflows or download and import any of the pre-configured sample workflows below to start using Fiery JobFlow Base or Fiery JobFlow for automation. The workflows include all resources required to work. To find out more about each workflow, open the workflow summary or watch the video. Learn how to import JobFlow workflows

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Workflow name Supported by Workflow description Download
Collect Exact Match - 24-UP business cards  JobFlow Base, JobFlow  This workflow collects business cards to satisfy requirements for 24-UP, 250 sheet runs. Requires JobFlow Base 2.5.  Workflow
Collect and fix 3 business cards and Impose (12x18)  JobFlow Collects 3 duplex business cards, adds bleed if needed and imposes them in 3 rows of 8 cards. Stack size can be set by setting copies on Fiery. Requires JobFlow 2.3 or newer, CWS 6.1 or newer and Fiery Impose  Workflow
Impose with trim box auto gangup
JobFlow Base, JobFlow
Imposes jobs using Fiery Impose Trim Box Auto Gangup on a 12x18 sheet. Requires JobFlow Base 2.3 or newer, CWS 6.1 or newer and Fiery Impose  Workflow
Route based on file name
 JobFlow Routes jobs to applicable workflows based on file name. Each individual workflow then applies steps applicable for the application. For business cards JobFlow checks and fixes orientation and bleed, for booklets JobFlow splits pages larger than Letter. Note: don't forget to download the sample set from JobFlow Library. Requires JobFlow 2.3 or newer and Fiery Impose.
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Collect 3 business cards and Impose (12x18) JobFlow Base, JobFlow

Collects 3 duplex business cards, and imposes them in 3 rows of 8 cards. Stack size can be set by setting copies on Fiery server. Requires JobFlow Base 2.3 or newer, CWS 6.1 or newer and Fiery Impose.

Crop images and remove irrelevant objects JobFlow Base, JobFlow
Crops images and removes irrelevant objects from the PDF. Requires JobFlow 2.3 or newer.   Workflow
Additional JobFlow Preflight and Correct Resources  JobFlow Import these dummy workflows to add additional JobFlow Preflight and Correct resources for use in other workflows. These extra resources allow you to more quickly create workflows for page rotation, resizing or to route jobs based on page size, file name, etc. After importing these workflows you can delete them. Requires JobFlow 2.3 or newer Workflow
Business card auto-rotation and bleed marks JobFlow This Fiery JobFlow workflow allows you to address challenges when processing business cards. The workflow will automatically add bleed if needed, so business cards with edge-to-edge content are finished correctly. Landscape business cards are rotated to portrait so to minimize the number of imposition templates.
Finisher mark addition JobFlow Use Fiery JobFlow to add finisher marks for the Standard Horizon AF-566F finisher
Workflow Video
Booklet spread creation JobFlow This booklet imposition Fiery JobFlow workflow sharpens images and splits Tabloid spreads to Letter pages. 
Business cards JobFlow Base
Imposes a business card using a Fiery Impose template with gangup and repeat layout. WorkflowSummary
Multi-up booklet JobFlow Base
Imposes a booklet using a Fiery Impose template and then applies a 4-up repeat layout. WorkflowSummary
Multi-job merge JobFlow Base
Uses a JobFlow job ticket to merge multiple files into a single job and define file order. Prepares the job for tabs insertion in Fiery JobMasterTM by automatically marking chapters and setting bookmarks between them. WorkflowSummary
Sharpen images JobFlow Base
Enhances images in the PDF file using an Image Enhance Visual Editor template that sharpens them. WorkflowSummary
Preflight JobFlow Base
Uses Fiery Preflight to inspect and troubleshoot a job. Generates a report and automatically emails it to the assigned recipient. WorkflowSummary
Notifications JobFlow Base
Uses rules-based email notifications to alert the assigned recipient if the job has passed or failed a certain workflow step.  Workflow Summary
Job approval JobFlow only Integrates the job approval process in the workflow by automatically submitting the job for review and approval by email. Once approved, the job advances to the next workflow step. WorkflowSummary
Simplex booklet JobFlow only Inserts blank pages after every odd page and imposes it as a simplex booklet. WorkflowSummary
Route based on job type JobFlow only Processes multiple jobs of different types by analyzing them through a sequence of preflight checks and routing them to various workflows based on pass or fail of compliance criteria. Workflow Summary
Process PDF forms JobFlow only Uses scripting to merge customer data with a PDF form using a third-party application. Upon completion, resumes processing the job and sends it for printing. For more information on the Connect module and on scripting, refer to the Fiery JobFlow Connect Cookbook WorkflowSummary
Two-pass job with Silver Dry Ink JobFlow only Imports two new workflows - Color-Logic™ Main and Color-Logic™ Silver. Uses rules-based routing to copy the job and process it simultaneously in both workflows. The Color-Logic Main workflow removes the silver spot color "CL 4713 Silver” from the file and sends the job to the hold queue. The Color-Logic Silver removes all colors except the silver spot color "CL 4713 Silver" and also sends the job to the hold queue. The job requires two print passes in order to produce the metallic effects with silver Dry Ink so the workflow uses the Connect module to rename the job and indicate which version needs to be printed first. 
Note: This workflow is specifically created for Fiery Driven™ Xerox® Color 800i/1000i Presses with silver Specialty Dry Ink. 

Fiery JobFlow Connect packages

For even more advanced automation, you can import Connect packages via JobFlow resources. Connect packages contain all required script resources to add a custom JobFlow feature and greatly simplifies the use of custom functionality. Create your own Connect packages or use the sample ones below. 

Connect package name Supported by Description Download
Rename-copy  JobFlow Appends a user-provided string to filename and then copies the job to another JobFlow workflow. Requires JobFlow 2.3 or newer.   Connect Package
Convert images with ImageMagick
Convert images from over 200 formats to PDF with ImageMagick by ImageMagick Studio LLC. After importing via JobFlow Resources, one can add this step before JobFlow Convert. Requires JobFlow 2.3 or newer.  Connect package