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Don’t touch what you can automate. Learn how Fiery JobFlow can help you boost profit by increasing automation.
Qualification questions for Fiery JobFlow End Customers.
Fiery webinar presentation - Makeready automation from prepress to post press
Product overview presentation for Fiery JobFlow detailing functionality, features, and benefits.
Case Studies
Read how Fiery JobFlow helps Kwik Kopy Sydney build a better business with production times dropping from a week to three days.
Read how Fiery JobFlow builds productivity for Snap West Melbourne
Read how ZenPrint save hours of work by implementing automated workflows with Fiery JobFlow to gain more efficiency and handle growing volumes.
Read how Fiery JobFlow helped EDC, the largest European CD manufacturer, save time and money by automating their print process for inlay cards and booklets, and enabled them to print short-run jobs at much lower cost.
Read how Fiery JobFlow and Fiery Impose have helped Allegra Tampa-Downtown reduce at least 10 operator clicks and several minutes of prepress time for every job.
Case Study Flexible label production saves time and costs.
Read how EFI Fiery JobFlow dramatically improved prepress automation at CyberChrome.
What's New
New features in Fiery Command WorkStation 6.4, Fiery makeready solutions including Fiery JobMaster and Fiery Impose, Fiery Spot Pro and Fiery FreeForm Create
New features in Fiery Command WorkStation 6.3, Fiery Color Profiler Suite, Fiery makeready solutions including Fiery JobMaster and Fiery Impose, and Fiery JobFlow
New features in Fiery Command WorkStation 6.2, Fiery makeready solutions including Fiery JobMaster and Fiery Impose, and Fiery JobFlow
Find out more about the new features included in Fiery JobFlow 2.5
Find out more about the new features included in Fiery JobFlow 2.7 PDF
Automating workflow in a printing business is easier – and less costly – than you might think. Download this free ebook from EFI Fiery to identify 6 easy ways to add automation to your printing workflow.
Use the interactive ROI calculator to determine the value of automating prepress with Fiery JobFlow.
Use the interactive ROI calculator to determine the value of automating prepress with Fiery JobFlow (GBP).
Fiery Samples/How-to Guides
Learn how to configure notifications within a workflow to trigger emails based on an action and how to set up users as notification recipients.
Learn how to use Enfocus Smart Variables in the workflow to preflight and correct PDF files.
Learn how to set up and configure different input, archive and output locations, such as shared folders, FTP sites, Dropbox accounts, in Fiery JobFlow.
Learn how to back up and restore Fiery JobFlow.
Learn how to configure a workflow with Fiery Preflight to inspect and troubleshoot the file for missing or corrupted assets.
Learn how to set up a rules-based workflow that preflights multiple jobs looking for certain criteria and routes them to other workflows based on their type.
Learn how to automate imposition in the workflow by using Impose templates that are already created and available.
Learn how to eliminate repetitive setup tasks by creating a workflow that uses Fiery presets.
Learn how to integrate the approval process as part of the workflow. Automatically send a soft proof for review and approval to both internal and external users.
Configure a virtual printer, a job preset or a Fiery Hot Folder to set job ticket specifications including imposition templates in order to automate most of your jobs. Take automation to the next level by using Fiery JobFlow Base workflows.
This Fiery JobFlow sample workflow uses JobFlow job ticket to merge multiple files into a single job and define file order. Prepares the job for tabs insertion in Fiery JobMasterTM by automatically marking chapters and setting bookmarks between them.
This Fiery JobFlow workflow allows you to address challenges when processing business cards. The workflow will automatically add bleed if needed, so business cards with edge-to-edge content are finished correctly. Landscape business cards are rotated to portrait so to minimize the number of imposition templates.
This booklet imposition Fiery JobFlow workflow sharpens images and splits Tabloid spreads to Letter pages.
Use Fiery JobFlow to add finisher marks for the Standard Horizon AF-566F finisher
World of Fiery newsletter - November2020, Issue 44
World of Fiery newsletter - June2020, Issue 43
World of Fiery newsletter - December 2020, Issue 45
Get the most out of Fiery JobFlow with free training available from Learning@EFI
Other Resources
Routes jobs to applicable workflows based on file name. Each individual workflow then applies steps applicable for the application. For business cards JobFlow checks and fixes orientation and bleed, for booklets JobFlow splits pages larger than Letter. Note: don't forget to download the sample set from JobFlow Library. Requires JobFlow 2.3 and Fiery Impose.
Tier 1 Software Maintenance and Support Agreement for Fiery JobFlow. This document contains all localized versions of the content.
Appends a user provided string to filename and then copies the job to another JobFlow workflow. Fiery JobFlow Connect Packages can be imported via the JobFlow Resources menu. Requires JobFlow 2.3.
Convert images from over 200 formats to PDF with ImageMagick by ImageMagick Studio LLC. After importing via JobFlow Resources, one can add this step before JobFlow Convert. Requires JobFlow 2.3.
This workflow collects business cards to satisfy requirements for 24-UP, 250 sheet runs. Requires JobFlow Base 2.5.
End User License Agreement (EULA) for Fiery digital front ends and software products
A diagram depicting all Fiery JobFlow modules and their descriptions
Installation/Setup Guides
This guide contains step-by-step instructions on how to download and install Fiery JobFlow.
Best practices and quick tips on how to use the Fiery® JobFlow™ Connect module.