These features provide some of the great functionality you can find in Fiery® JobMaster. For more information visit the Resources page.

Also, visit the Print Applications pages for more information on how to produce high-margin print products such as brochures, manuals, books, reports, tab-separated documents and more with Fiery JobMaster.

 jobmaster preview panes
Displays visual previews of all job settings
  • Use page and sheet previews
  • See media attributes at a glance
  • Easily specify any page or sheet surface to print in black and white 

  Quick page selection
  • Accelerate job preparation by navigating long documents and locating pages quickly
  • Find your pages after selecting page properties to then apply additional page-level actions
  • Achieve fast page identification with a quick zoom in


Bleed-edge tabs
Advanced tab insertion
  • WYSIWYG tab definition and design
  • Automatic tab creation based on PDF bookmarks
  • Apply up to two different tab media styles
  • Produce bleed-edge tabs
  • Move the page placement to make room for finishing such as hole punch, bleed-edge tabs, staples, or coil binding

 jobmaster scanning Integrates and cleans up hard-copy pages
  • Scan documents or insert previously scanned pages
  • De-skew and de-speckle scanned pages                 
  • Edit images for brightness, contrast and sharpness
  • Touch up scanned pages using the image editor installed on your client without leaving JobMaster
  • Make pages fit to the desired media size
  • Mask out staples, hole-punch marks or page content
  • Redefine crop and trim box sizes and mask unwanted content

 CWS 5.7 new feature Applies advanced page numbering and stamping
  • Apply unique numbering sequences for multiple page sections 
  • Use custom text, formats and macros anywhere on the page
  • Skip page numbers for inserts and tabs
  • Apply bates stamping
  • Easily add company logos, watermarks, and graphic illustrations 
  • Define page-number templates

  Job duplication
  • Replicate a page or a set of pages
  • Produce forms, coupons, and ticketing jobs with ease

  NCR form creation
  • Quickly create multi-part forms 
  • Fulfill complex numbering and stamping requirements

 Fiery Compose Mixed Finishing Chapter definition and finishing sets
  • Do a quick and easy setup of page ranges to apply media and finishing attributes on a chapter basis
  • Produce fully finished jobs by using inline finishing equipment to staple, hole-punch or z-fold
  • Select multiple finishing combinations to subsets in a job

 jobmaster job merge Provides drag-and-drop merging of PDF pages
  • Merge digital or scanned documents
  • Delete, move, add blank pages and even duplicate pages

 Adobe Acrobat Logo Integrates with Adobe® Acrobat® Pro*
  • Make last-minute changes to document content
  • Use it for late-stage text, spot-color or image changes in PDF documents
* Available as a separate purchase