EFI Cretaprint C4 Twin

Industrial inkjet printing for ceramics made simple

With EFITM Cretaprint C4 Twin printer’s dual printhead approach, you can access the most advanced inkjet decoration for ceramic with a reasonable investment. The C4 Twin’s doubled printing bars use a single row of dual printheads Xaar 2001+.

Assembling two printing bars grants a simpler machine while EFI technology ensures the robustness and productivity of the printer. View Image Gallery

Fiery proServer for Cretaprint Brochure
EFI Cretaprint C4 is the next generation of digital inkjet ceramic tile printers offering maximum performance under all printing conditions.
accessory of EFI’s Cretaprint ceramic printers that allows associating different designs to different reliefs in a set of tiles.
The easy way to access inkjet printing for ceramics
Create perfectly adapted design for tile relief
Genuine EFI Cretacolor Ink is the essential element for decorating ceramic tiles with the highest quality, consistency and reliability.