EFI Cubik Mineral Inks for wood decoration

Digital stain and natural decoration

New decoration possibilities that respect the soul of natural wood. Through our intense R&D focus on wood dyeing and the essential warmth that we all appreciate in the quality of wooden materials, EFI Cubik Mineral was developed to give you the ability to digitally stain and decorate wood with more natural-looking results than ever.

Single-pass inkjet printer
  • Board size:
    • up to 700 mm and up to 1400 mm width
    • and up to 30 mm high
  • Printing bars:
    • EFI Cubik 700 up to 8
    • EFI Cubik 1400 up to 12
  • Speed up to 60 linear m/min
Fiery® proServer color management software
  • Colour profiling and paper proof
  • Designs database
Mineral inks
  • Water-based technology
  • Colors available: blue, brown, yellow, black, pink, red, green, white