EFI Cubik Mineral Inks for wood decoration

How to print with inkjet printer to do digital stain and natural decoration of wood flooring and panels

EFI Cubik Mineral is a unique concept to stain and decorate solid hardwood floors, boards for doors and panels for furniture and cabinets. 

Mineral inks are specifically created for wood inkjet printing to decorate wood naturally, since they integrate with the material, respecting the nobility and warmth of the wood. 

They are ideal to stain hardwood, veneers and plywood. It does not need priming prior to inkjet printing. At most, a soft sanding can be done to open the pore of the wood plank. 

You can also use EFI Cubik to do natural decoration. As mineral inks integrate in the wood substrate, you can use them to do a natural decoration that respects warmth nature of wood. Inkjet wood printing helps to transform common wood into noble ones as well as enrich wood products by creating smooth tone gradations that real wood doesn't have. Also create innovative patterns, customized designs or even print images onto wood.