EFI Cubik UV LED Inks for wood decoration

A great decorative color option for creative and customized decoration on wood

EFI’s Cubik single-pass UV LED printing option gives you the ability to print stunning, high-resolution graphics on wood surfaces for decorative indoor applications. 

EFI Cubik UV LED inks gives you the ability to easily adapt to new trends in interior design and be able to respond to market demand for customization and contract decorative projects. You’ll deliver more decorative possibilities because you’ll have the right equipment that offers you precise control and high performance even on the cheapest wooden surfaces — an ideal solution that helps you be more flexible and imaginative.

This option was specially formulated to offer a wide color gamut and deliver consistent, repeatable results.

And with virtually no VOCs, lower temperatures and lower energy use, LED technology is a greener printing solution with the ability to print on thinner, heat-sensitive, and specialty substrates. EFI LED allows you to deliver more applications and lower-cost material options to your customers.

  • Suitable for all types of wooden substrates: particle board, OTB, plywood, and laminates
  • Fits all applications: commercial displays, decorative panels, and furniture