Max out your performance, efficiency and quality with the EFI VUTEk 5r.

As a high-volume printer, you live or die on productivity, versatility and quality. Now you can take it to the max with EFI™ VUTEk® 5r. It's the most technically advanced five-metre LED roll-to-roll printer on the market. One maxed-out platform that offers the highest image quality at the highest rated throughput speeds along with the highest range of options to give you the lowest total cost of ownership.

Maxed-out speed and quality

  • Up to 460 m2 per hour
  • Seven picolitre UltraDrop™ Technology for high-definition image quality, with superb transitions, vignettes, skin tones, and shadows
  • True resolution up to 1200 dpi
  • Precise and sharp four-point text

Maximum cool

Powerful LED curing technology and all of its cost saving and environmental benefits

Versatile options to the max

  • White printing with a variety of white printing modes, up to five layers
  • Inline finishing system for all-in-one printing, slitting, and collecting
  • Vacuum plate for printing on thin sheets and rigid media in a selection of sizes
  • Automatic backlit printing
  • Automatic blockout printing
  • ID Backprint for printing customer information on the back side of the media
  • Heavy roll loader for large rolls up to 750 kg

Maximum usability

  • Versatile media handling capabilities to support a variety of flexible and rigid media
  • Carriage height adjustment and wrinkle analyser* to avoid head strikes
  • Mobile operator station with touch screen for maximum convenience
  • iPhone application* for remote printer tracking

Maxed-out value

  • High ink efficiency
  • Industry-leading 3M™ MCS™ Warranty when printing with co-branded EFI and 3M™ UV inks on 3M™ flexible media¹
  • Unique roll loader for up to 300% better media utilisation — only 40 cm of wasted material on every roll loading
  • Media Saving Wizard indicates remaining media length on each roll, for revolutionary media stock management

* Optional
¹ The 3M™ MCS™ Warranty backs graphics printed with the EFI VUTEk 3r printer on select 3M flexible media and printed and applied according to 3M Product and Instruction Bulletins. This warranty lasts up to five years on EFI co-branded inks that have a shelf life of 15 months.