Fiery proServer for EFI printers

When color quality and productivity matter

Fiery® proServer will help you streamline your production, plus print consistent and accurate colors every time. It provides the power and technology to process even the most complex files in the shortest time possible.


Fiery proServer provides a turnkey solution for EFI printers that combine Fiery XF with Fiery hardware, EFI™ Fiery Accelerated System Technology (FAST RIP), as well as maintenance and support. So you can:

  • Fiery proServer provides consistent and accurate print output, regardless of printer, file, media or ink type. The advanced spot- and process-color optimization removes the need for trial-and-error color correction or complicated device link profiles. Fiery Dynamic Smoothing ensures smooth gradations, reduced compression artifacts and clean highlight areas — all without affecting fonts and fine contours.

  • Create custom workflows to automate routine tasks and job management from creation to final output. With more than 700 different printers supported, Fiery proServer can serve as your centralised production hub — cutting software maintenance and training costs to increase your bottom-line profit.

  • Fiery Accelerated System Technology (FAST RIP) was developed by EFI and is available exclusively on the Fiery proServer. FAST RIP processes PDF files up to 7 times faster than before
  • Have a look at the speed comparison results and download the benchmark files used for the performance numbers, then test it on your own RIP solution

  • The EFI Software Support and Maintenance Agreement provides support and an on-going stream of software releases, including the latest device drivers and product upgrades. You can also add product options to your Fiery proServer and customised it to your changing business needs.

  • Fiery proServer can communicate to both your EFI printer and EFI MIS solutions. You can define output settings from the MIS interface and get information about job status, consumable usage, and more — directly on your EFI Pace™ management information system; or from the EFI Web-to-Print and eCommerce solutions.

  • Produce higher colour quality, optimise your workflow and increase productivity with EFI Fiery Color and Workflow Support Services. Fiery experts come on-site, or dial in to your system remotely to install and perform services that make your EFI printer even more profitable.

  • Fiery Dynamic Smoothing ensures smooth gradations, reduced compression artifacts and clean highlight areas without affecting fonts and fine contours.