EFI Mezzera Jigger

EFI Mezzera JIGGER – Technologies for open width fabric

With over 60 years experience and thousands of machines sold throughout the world, Mezzera is in the ideal position to supply a range of jiggers for all needs, from the smallest jigger for sampling to the jumbo machine including all intermediate sizes. The Mezzera jiggers are the outcome of the long experience acquired working on the field.

Drive System

The jigger is equipped with two separate electric motors with variable speed driven by independent AC vectorial inverters.

Speed Adjustment

The circuit that controls the speed uses a high resolution encoder. It ensures accurate adjustment despite the change in the diameter of the fabric roll.

Tension Control

The required tension can be set in the PLC accordingly to the fabric specifications. The load cell, positioned on the back-roller under the liquor, measures in real time the tension applied to the fabric and sends a feedback signal to the PLC; set value and measured value are compared and the difference, if any, is immediately set to zero synchronizing the A.C. motors through the inverters. That is done automatically and this system provides a very fast and accurate compensation of any tension fluctuation which may occur during the cycle. Thus, tension applied to the fabric permits to process delicate fabrics (including bi-stretch) with the same tension all over the cycle.