EFI Mezzera Singeing

Singeing and Impregnation Line for Open Width Woven Fabric

Continuous open width desizing, scouring, bleaching range. Fabric ready for dyeing or printing. Mezzera technology gives the customer a wide range of possibilities, tailoring the preparation range according to their individual specifications.

EFI Mezzera Singeing machine is an excellent way to obtaining high quality finished garment. When the short fibres that stick out of yarn are singed, the fabric becomes smooth and clean.
This effect enhances the fabric and gives it greater resistance to dirt. Singeing also greatly reduces pilling and is thus an indispensable pre-printing process for fabrics with extremely sharp motifs and outlines.
Fabrics that have undergone a singeing treatment are easier and faster to desize if they are immediately impregnated with the desizing liquor.
The best singeing effect is always tied to good fabric preparation, by way of impregnation treatment using constant concentration of chemical products, and to correct flame adjustment, based on the fibres to be treated. The singeing machine gives a good result and does not leave any burn marks.
A good machine design ensures that the flame does not flutter. It is intense and uniform and singes even these difficult fibres. Furthermore, the two burners have been purposely designed to supply enough heat and kinetic energy to ensure singeing even though a cushion of air and steam builds up owing to the reaction between the cold, and wet fabric and the flame which makes the treatment difficult.