EFI Reggiani PRO

Digital excellence

High-performance industrial digital printing machine with a maximum printing width of 340 cm, PRO guarantees extreme flexibility, large productivity, and high efficiency to  the printing market ensuring the optimal print quality.

  • Ink management: in line double degassing and filtering
  • Blanket washing: continuous, switchable. With air blade
  • Adhesion method: permanent, thermoplastic, resin or electrostatic bars
  • Air blade for optimal substrate adhesion
  • Color feeding: Reggiani Dyespenser® (10L)
  • Embedded system for adhesive application
  • Dynaplast: Reggiani patented system
  • High-precision transportation belt
  • Full variable drop size
  • High-efficiency dryer with removable filters for cleaning
  • Ups on board for uninterruptable power supply, raid disk for data redundancy, and automatic backup, embedded diagnostic with database integration
  • Head crash protective system
  • High-efficiency head wiping
  • Ink recovery system (improved)
  • Curing: in line polymerisation/heat curing dryer
  • Real time image processing (optional)
  • Bypass for fumes extraction during in-line curing (optional)
  • Ink system open to certified suppliers