EFI Reggiani TOP

Digital Printing Machine for Sublimation Printing on Paper

Outstanding productivity, accuracy, and performance:  The TOP digital printing machine equipped with 32 heads in 180 cm printing width is the perfect solution for large production needs. Its 32 heads are especially developed for increasing productivity and efficiency.

EFI Reggiani Top
  • Ink management: in line double degassing and filtering 
  • Blanket washing: continuous, switchable. With air blade
  • Adhesion method: permanent, thermoplastic, resin 
  • Air blade for optimal substrate adhesion
  • Color feeding: Reggiani Dyespenser ® (10L)
  • Embedded system for adhesive application
  • Dynaplast: Reggiani patented system
  • High precision transportation belt 
  • Full variable drop size
  • High efficiency dryer with removable filters 
  • Ups on board for uninterruptable power supply, raid disk for data redundancy and automatic back-up, embedded diagnostic with database integration
  • Head crash protective system 
  • High efficiency head wiping
  • Ink recovery system (improved)
  • Curing: in line polymerization/heat curing dryer
  • Real time image processing (optional)
  • Noozle clogging proof control (optional)
  • Bypass for fumes extraction during in-line curing (optional)
  • Ink system open to certified suppliers 
  • Self cleaning 
  • Software open to main rip vendors