EFI MarketDirect Cross Media Customer Engagement Platform

EFI MarketDirect Cross Media is a customer communication and marketing campaign solution. It’s designed to make engaging with your customers both existing and new, easy and hassle free. It achieves this by providing an intuitive yet powerful user experience where you can quickly create rich personalised communications across nearly any medium including; Email, Web, Print, Mobile and Social Media.

Using MarketDirect, your team can connect your customer data to your communications and personalise the content and conversations. Personalised content can include Graphics, Images, Text, pURLs and QR Codes – all integrated enabling you to improve engagement and connect with your clients.

Adding marketing services to compliment your digital print offering can be transformative. Whether it’s Direct Mail or fully integrated multi-channel marketing, cross media communications deliver better results for your clients and consistently improve profitability.

Take control of customer communication and your marketing costs with an integrated communication solution that’s simple and powerful, empowering your team to leverage your customer data to improve customer service.

Build out quick and powerful marketing campaigns for your clients with simple and intuitive tools. Re-use campaign assets and save time with intuitive and flexible tools your creative teams can work with day one.

Direct marketing
Print mail pieces, Direct Mail, email campaigns, PURLs, SMS

Corporate websites, Micro sites, Mobile web pages, Campaign Landing Pages

Customer loyalty
Newsletters, feedback, surveys, birthday greetings

Sales support
Lead management, automated sales processes, collateral management

Market analysis
Response tracking, segmentation, user behaviour

Event marketing
Invitation campaigns, visitor management

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