EFI MarketDirect Cross Media Customer Engagement Platform

EFI MarketDirect Cross Media is a customer communication and marketing campaign solution. It’s designed to make engaging with your customers both existing and new, easy and hassle free. It achieves this by providing an intuitive yet powerful user experience where you can quickly create rich personalised communications across nearly any medium including; Email, Web, Print, Mobile and Social Media.

Using MarketDirect, your team can connect your customer data to your communications and personalise the content and conversations. Personalised content can include Graphics, Images, Text, pURLs and QR Codes – all integrated enabling you to improve engagement and connect with your clients.

SmartCampaign is a new way to build campaigns – fast! It’s designed to enable you to get campaigns up and running fast, with a Campaign Wizard that makes it easier than ever to get started: 
  • NEW! Design Editor - Powerful HTML 5 based browser-based Design Editor
  • NEW! Storyboards – for automated campaign creation
  • NEW! Intelligent Themes for rapid campaign build out and deployment
  • NEW! Data visualiser – for simple and powerful data connectivity

  • Create Responsive designs with cross-browser and cross-platform compatibility
  • Manage Multi-language content with master pages and modules
  • For advanced users: import ready-made HTML, apply scripting and extension items easily

  • Full VDP Authoring solution, create a document from scratch or begin with a PDF
  • Support for Imposition and Colour Management (ICC profiles)
  • Generate optimised print-ready PDFs individually or send the production files to your workflow
  • Use previews of documents on the Web, make them editable online or provide them for download

  • Image Personalisation for all media with simple drag and drop functionality
  • Rule-based text and layout personalisation in all media
  • Generate and embed QR-codes and personalised URLs
  • Campaign participants can upload their images and data to the application to generate personalised media

  • Import all standard databases or access data from Microsoft Dynamics CRM or Salesforce.com
  • Modify or export databases and upload new data in real time
  • Filter data, create business logic for elements in all media using the built-in filter editor
  • Build data relations to connect multiple databases and develop your own plug-ins to access any CRM system

  • Includes a Campaign Manager for automated campaign runs and follow-up cycles
  • Send mass emails, mass SMS, individually triggered emails and individually triggered SMS messages
  • Set up Inbound Marketing websites with Cookie Tracking
  • Integrate Social Media and create Facebook apps

Web-based media such as personalised websites and e-mails offer a unique advantage: they allow you to track responses accurately. Measure the success of your campaigns in detail and use the results to optimise the campaign.

  • Customisable Campaign Dashboard for the real-time display of all campaign results for display on mobile, tablet and desktop devices
  • Track visitors and events on all websites
  • Email tracking and bounce management
  • Various reporting options to display metrics and results
  • Design individually branded reports with automated live updates
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