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EFI Metrix Planning and Imposition
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Automated Planning and Imposition

EFI Metrix® brings a unique blend of automation and cost driven layout creation to your business, allowing you to dramatically reduce planning and prepress labor cost and shorten job throughput. View Image Gallery


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EFI Metrix is an industry-leading award-winning job planning engine that transforms big data into actionable data in the most proven end-to-end integrated solution with a holistic view into manufacturing. With over 1200 Metrix users in 25 countries and 11 years of continuous, aggressive development, Metrix is recognized as the de facto industry standard for dynamic, intelligent production planning and automated imposition. 

  • Data-driven decision-making is central to Metrix ensuring uniformity, efficiency, error-free intelligent planning and imposition across the entire enterprise. Metrix enables MIS/ERP customers to expand their investment to a complete workflow, eliminating errors, streamlining processes, optimizing manufacturing, lowering costs and improving quality.
  • With cutting edge graphical representations of products, Metrix provides an unprecedented user experience backed by a central intelligent database that allows even the most inexperienced planner or prepress employee to plan like a pro. 

The EFI Metrix solution stores your presses, finishing equipment, stock, folds, user’s logins and permissions, along with your manufacturing standards. Centralizing this information ensures uniformity, efficiency and ultimately error-free planning and imposition across your entire organization. The EFI Metrix solution automatically and dynamically determines how many press sheets you need, the optimum layout for each press sheet, and even figures out for you the most cost-effective printing method, press and sheet size.

EFI Metrix provides automated planning and imposition workflow capabilities, and many projects can travel with Metrix with zero operator involvement. In addition to its own automation, EFI Metrix introduces unprecedented automation to print workflows by seamlessly exchanging data with MIS, prepress systems and finishing systems.

The EFI Metrix solution builds a library of the most successful project manufacturing plans and then applies that cumulative intelligence to future projects. Metrix empowers your operators to generate plans formerly reserved for only the most skilled and experienced planners.

EFI Metrix allows you to achieve automatic, dynamic and unsurpassed, processing of up to 160 different orders (products) on a single layout. With Metrix you eliminate the need for outdated desktop imposition software, since it does the planning and imposition all in one step.

EFI Metrix helps you grow your business by providing a complete planning and imposition solution that will enable you to increase sales and provides the integration to MIS/ERP solutions to increase productivity and reduce labor costs through automation. The following tools add additional integrated value to Metrix:

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