EFI Metrics Printware

EFI Metrics Printware
Process Management Solutions

for the Printing & Packaging Industries


Designed specifically for the printing and packaging industry, Metrics Printware is prepared to attend the specific needs and particularities of this type of business. More Automation, Integration, Control and Information to support fast and accurate decisions.

NOTE: EFI Metrics Printware is only available in Latin America.  Please Contact Sales for further details.

  • Sales management and production workflows for any printed material in any segment: editorial, promotional, packaging, labels and tags, converters and other security printing
  • Concentration of information in a single system
  • Intuitive and pleasant user interface that can be customized by client
  • Elimination of manual tasks and automation of processes, which are executed by the system quickly and accurately
  • Full Planning complete with a detailed view of each stage of the process including integration of departmental tasks performed by employees
  • Monitoring reports document the activities of all department

  • More efficient production process, sales and administration
  • Increased productivity
  • Increased agility in internal processes including customer service
  • Aligned communication between all areas of the company
  • Reduction of waste and operating costs
  • Quick identification of incidents
  • Significant reduction of human error

Simple or full, low or high drawing, Metrics  Printware allows sell and manage the production of any printed material in any thread: Editorial, Promotional, Packaging, Labels, Converters, Digital Prints Safety and other.

The areas of a business are interdependent, and the good result depends on the efficiency of the whole. For this reason,  Metrics Printware is a system that integrates the various departments. Each plays its part in the process and information is available to everyone, anytime.

More than integrate, to allow monitoring of the results of each area of each client, vendor or product, Metrics Printware becomes an essential tool for the management, contributing to better decisions and positively influencing the future of the company.

Metrics Printware meets all business cycle, fully integrating the activities of the Commercial, Production and Administration areas. It is a fully modular system, which allows you to implement only the functionality your business needs.

EFI Certified JDFMetrics Printware system has JDF certification. Thus, the system transfers the product specifications for fast and secure management software for prepress. This ensures faster work, reducing costs and contributing to an even better customer service.

EFI Metrics Printware receives recognition as a market leader offering the best web-to-print and cross media marketing solutions. See below for some of our awards showcasing Metrics Printware’s recent successes and accomplishments:

EFI Awards Metrics Printware

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