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EFI Radius
Industry-leading Enterprise Packaging & Label Converting MIS/ERP Software

Industry leaders producing labels, folding cartons, flexible packaging, plastic extrusion and other printed materials rely on the EFI Radius Enterprise Resource Planning software to facilitate the collection and integration of company-wide information for more profitable business management.


Best-in-class products delivered as a Suite

Learn how the Productivity Suite represents the next step in the evolution of the EFI product portfolio, expanding the integration-quotient of existing offerings with a focus on efficiency, profitability and building new revenue streams.  Learn More

Business Intelligence (BI) allows you to perform sophisticated performance analyses and reporting to get up-to-the-minute views of your business. BI accesses data from the Radius ERP system, consolidates it through flexible performance dashboards and offers ‘what-if’ analysis tools for a comprehensive view of your organization’s past, current and future performance. Learn More

EFI CRM connects your people with information about your customers and prospects. Whether in the office or on the road, CRM users can view and maintain customer account information, create, update and track sales opportunities and record activities against contacts stored in the Radius ERP system.

EFI Business Intelligence
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Speed, accuracy and profitability are key areas addressed with the Radius estimating system. Containing the unique specifications of label, folding carton, and flexible packaging production processes, Radius estimating includes extensive product-specific template libraries. Profitable estimates are made easier with intelligent routing logic, which recommends the most efficient production routing path for each job.

The system’s purchasing capabilities provide visibility and automation to help you refine your procurement processes and secure best pricing from your preferred vendors. As live information shared between the shop floor, scheduling, and other parts of the ERP system, inventory management becomes more accurate and you are able to make sure the right materials are available when and where they are needed.

MRP helps improve workflows. By importing customer sales and demand forecasts, authorized users are able to adjust production in order to reduce inventory and WIP. As information updates related to job required dates, job quantities and the creation of new jobs become automated, you save time, money and gain valuable insight to easily spot opportunities to relieve bottlenecks and optimize your plant.

The packaging and label industry’s most powerful scheduling capabilities continually synchronize operations based on delivery priorities, job characteristics and restraints related to equipment, materials, tooling and employees. Automatically optimized schedules greatly increase throughput across your entire operation. As communication improves, bottlenecks become eliminated, overtime is reduced and capacity utilization increases, you see the effects on your bottom line.

The extensive tooling library allows you to associate tools to jobs and track usage over time so you know when tools need to be removed from use for maintenance or replacement. The integrated tooling library enhances the optimization of your estimating and production processes as important tooling information is easily accessed by other parts of the system.

Integrations with industry-leading CAD and prepress systems, such as Esko Automation Engine and Kodak Prinergy, streamline and accelerate workflows. As information is transferred automatically between EFI Radius and these programs, touchpoints are eliminated, information becomes accurate and files are made available for easy access later in the production process.

Management and production are brought together as electronic work instructions accelerate and enhance communication. Accurate WIP tracking makes current information available to those who rely on it. Full system traceability captures detailed information of finished goods, starting with raw material vendors and continuing through every production step through shipping. The system also handles the outsourcing process for external operations.

As machine operators receive prioritized work lists and instructions on the shop floor, managers gain a live view of plant operations. Make-ready, run and down times, as well as job counts are automatically collected by the system and made available for analysis in the job costing and Business Intelligence modules, allowing management teams to clearly understand where costs can be cut and profits can be enhanced.

By setting up quality tests for specific raw materials, vendors, finished goods or customers, you can ensure that quality materials are being placed into inventory and that your customers are receiving the products they expect. As quality issues arise, you can create corrective action reports. And, through integration with DMI/Shop Floor Data Collection and scheduling, rework and schedule changes become less disruptive.

PrintStream approaches your fulfillment challenges by listening, watching and understanding the unique challenges faced by print and packaging businesses offering fulfillment services. Whether you offer advanced fulfillment services today or if you’re an organization looking to test the waters of fulfillment, the PrintStream solution provides a solid foundation for order management, inventory control, pick, pack and ship operations.

This web-based, multi-carrier shipping solution has been engineered to integrate and streamline the shipping process. The software helps you minimize shipping costs, automate customer communications, and improve cash flow by supporting all types of carriers: FedEx®, UPS®, USPS®, DHL, LTL, FTL, couriers, regional carriers and company vehicles.

Robust job costing capabilities enable you to automatically collect actual costs against jobs so you can compare performance with standards and estimates, compute WIP calculations and determine accurate labor and material recoveries for accounting purposes. Organizations that can quickly identify and understand variances are able to make proactive changes to minimize costs and increase profits.

With highly flexible options and robust capabilities, you can greatly increase your sales order management efficiency with Radius ERP. Sales orders and item sales prices can be automatically created from existing estimates, or users can make changes as needed. Repetitive or contract pricing situations are handled with ease by using agreed upon prices held in the system. From performing credit checks to creating call-off schedules, you can easily meet the needs of your customers and internal processes.

Integrated financial accounting software helps you streamline your core financial accounting practices. Designed to address tax regulations and accounting practices on a global scale, your organization gains a complete and accurate view of its financial performance across the entire enterprise.

This secure web portal allows you to enhance your customers’ service experience by extending information and files relating to their items, orders, shipments and invoices. You can also accelerate the ordering process for existing items and allow your customers to request shipments of items they have previously ordered with call-off order functionality. Streamlined communication saves time for you and your customers.

EDI translates incoming files directly into the Radius ERP system and automatically generates outgoing files for transfer back to customers and suppliers. This functionality eliminates manual data entry of incoming forecasts and releases and provides accurate generation of messages such as inbound or outbound advanced shipping notices. Electronic order confirmations, shipping notes and invoices can be automatically generated by EFI Radius.

The Reporting Toolkit is an advanced tool for reports using complex calculations. You can extract data from the Radius database into XML format for further use by the Crystal Reports platform. The Developer’s Toolkit enables you to make use of standard building blocks or objects that are used within EFI Radius to provide a consistent user interface for external applications that may be developed alongside EFI Radius. You can write your own inquiries to attach to menus and generate unique reports.

EFI Radius helps you grow your business by providing a complete ERP toolset that will enable you to increase sales and provides the integration to value added solutions to increase productivity and reduce labor costs through automation. The following tools add additional integrated value to Radius:

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