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Auto-Count 4D automatically collects accurate, up-to-the minute production data including counts, press status, speed and other critical information directly from your equipment. View Image Gallery


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Auto-Count 4D is the next generation of EFI’s award-winning patented shop floor production intelligence platform that allows you to automatically collect accurate, up-to-the-minute production data to empower you in making informed strategic business decisions that improve workflow and production capabilities.

With Auto-Count 4D, real-time data is available to production, scheduling and customer service for instant status updates and more efficient job management.

  • Automate production data
  • Reporting creates a clear production audit trail across the organisation
  • Enhance the job communication process from production to customer service

Auto-Count 4D’s patented measurement technology provides detailed, data-driven reports that give managers the visibility to:

  • Proactively plan
  • Improve production processes
  • Decrease waste
  • Reduce downtime
  • Increase output
  • Optimise estimating & production standards
  • Optimise production process control & capacity utilisation

  • Increase The Accuracy Of Shop Floor Data
    • Real-time connectivity offers up-to-the-minute information
    • Ensures all activities are recorded
    • Reduces overruns and underruns
    • Get your arms around production information
      • Job status is instantly available throughout your company with Plant Manager
      • Managers can utilise the extensive reporting to help make timely, cost effective decisions
      • “Reason codes” help track downtime, identifying the need for equipment maintenance, process changes, and/or staff training
  • Increase Operators Productivity
    • Automated data collection reduces manual intervention
    • Auto-Count 4D provides visual goals and benchmarks for self-improvement
    • Deliver production instructions with greater accuracy
    • Your team is always working with the most recent, most accurate instructions
    • Auto-Count 4D will drive your people to be more competitive
  • Improve Overall Plant Visibility & Control
    • With Auto-Count 4D, you have the information you need to make profitable decisions
    • Anyone with authorised access can review production activity and performance from any location, including remotely smart device
    • With Auto-Count 4D you will discover issues that prevent your plant from running at maximum efficiency and have the information you need to correct those situations

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