EFI PrintMe Web Release

PrintMe Web Release
Connect to EFI PrintMe Service with PrintMe Web Release
Simply use a computer with access to a printer and connect to the PrintMe Service with a web browser.

You can brand the PrintMe Web Release user interface with your logo and a rotating banner.
 PrintMe Web Release Retail
Retail stores, franchisees, and quick printers

If you have walk-in printing traffic, you can use PrintMe Web Release as a way to pull down and print documents from PrintMe Cloud. Customers pay at the counter when you deliver the prints.

 PrintMe Web Release Hotel Complimentary printing for hotel and hospitality business centres

The Web Release product is a perfect solution to provide free printing for guests or clients. It can run on a computer you already have configured for guest use in the hotel business centre, airport club lounge or other areas set up for client use.