Self-Serve AdminCentral

A smart way to manage self-serve copy and print

EFI™ Self-Serve AdminCentral, a cloud-based web application lets you easily manage your M600 copy and print stations anywhere, any time.

Self-Serve AdminCentral

EFI Self-Serve AdminCentral, a cloud-based web application, works with the M600 station to offer an affordable self-serve copy and print solution. It features minimal IT maintenance costs, while adhering to strict payment industry standards. AdminCentral enables central control of M600 stations located in multiple sites, and communicates with card authorisation services. From anywhere with a web browser, AdminCentral allows an administrator to monitor and manage transactions involving credit, campus and cash cards; plus provides a convenient way to configure and maintain the system.

Self-Serve AdminCentral Chart Small

  • Easy to use and manage from anywhere.
  • Low barrier to entry with minimal maintenance cost.
  • Quick status checking and reporting right from a web browser.