single or double drum

Treatment chamber


Running mode

woven and knitted

Fabric type

Continuous improvement in continuous treatment

The EFI™ Mezzera ESSETEX washing unit is equipped with two large-diameter fluted drums individually driven by A.C. motors. For perfect control, fabric tension is measured in real-time throughout the load cells and/or dancing rollers. This “closed loop control” is accurate, fast, and one of the most advanced washing technologies currently available. This makes the EFI Mezzera ESSETEX suitable for process-knitted fabric as well as problem-prone woven fabrics.

Features and Benefits

Key features

– Forced washing on a fluted drum unit
– Horizontal and vertical countercurrent flow (high efficiency) exchange
– Single or double-drum treatment chambers
– Running tensionless

Key benefits

Tanks can be combined in different types of systems:
– Bleaching processes
– Mercerising
– Wash after printing
– Where tensionless is required

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