Fiery System 9e

There are many Fiery® tools that help you increase your productivity and improve the efficiency and quality of your print jobs. To help you take advantage of these tools, EFI™ has developed a comprehensive set of how-to guides that walk you through each tool. You can select any of the following tool categories for access to the how-to guides any time you need it.
Note: The how-to guides are intended for use with Fiery Command WorkStation 5®, Fiery VUE and Fiery System 9e software. Some files may work with previous Fiery software versions. Also, some Fiery features are dependent on specific engine capabilities. If you have any questions about your Fiery, please contact your Fiery supplier.

To learn more, please select from the following:

Document Preparation

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Print a Calendar Booklet
Produce professional looking calendars using Impose, a server-based imposition application option that streamlines and automates the imposition process, making production more efficient.
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Variable Data Printing

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How-To: Print office jobs using Fiery FreeForm
Utilize Fiery FreeForm technology to enable variable data printing. Master element data for a VDP job is sent to the Fiery and rasterized separately from variable element data in order to achieve engine rated speeds. FreeForm has been enhanced to give the user the flexibility to control the mapping between the variable and master documents.
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DataProduce Personalized Postcards
Utilize MS Word mail merge engine to convert a customer spreadsheet into variable-element text. Combine a static background layout to produce postcards with a personalized marketing message on both front and back. The demo script showcases FreeForm technology and Fiery Impose to produce effective one-to-one communications.
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Job Management

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How-To Configure a Printer with Fiery VUE
Fiery® VUE’s printer configuration allows the utilization of any Fiery detected on the network.
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Graphic Arts

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Calibrate Printer with ColorCal
Calibrate your Fiery Driven print engine to achieve accurate and consistent color documents. The Fiery controllers offer two calibration methods, using an external measuring device like the ES-1000 spectrophotometer or using the integrated copier scanner or Colorcal method. This how-to guide will describe the ColorCal method of calibration.
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Capture Colors and Reproduce them Accurately
Use the ES-1000 spectrophotometer to capture colors from colored candies and reproduce them accurately in your color documents.
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