Fiery FS500 Pro e FS500

Sono disponibili numerosi strumenti Fiery® che possono aiutarti ad aumentare la tua produttività e migliorare l'efficienza e la qualità dei tuoi lavori di stampa. Per permetterti di utilizzare al meglio questi strumenti, EFI™ ha sviluppato un set completo di guide pratiche che ti illustrano le caratteristiche e le funzionalità di ognuno di questi strumenti. Puoi selezionare una qualsiasi categoria di strumenti per accedere alle relative guide pratiche. E poi farlo in qualsiasi momento.
Nota: le guide pratiche sono state pensante per l'utilizzo con Fiery Command WorkStation® 6.7 o versioni successive e il software Fiery FS500 Pro/Fiery FS500. Alcuni file potrebbero essere utilizzabili anche con versioni precedenti del software Fiery. Inoltre, alcune funzionalità Fiery dipendono dalla specifiche capacità del dispositivo. Se hai dubbi o domande sul tuo server Fiery, rivolgiti al tuo fornitore Fiery di fiducia.

Per altre guide pratiche su Fiery, visita la sezione Risorse nelle pagine dedicate a Fiery Impose, Fiery Compose, Fiery JobMaster, Fiery Graphic Arts Pro Package, Fiery JobFlow, Fiery Color Profiler Suite, Fiery FreeForm Create, Fiery Variable Data PrintingFiery Automation Package e Fiery ColorRight Package.

Seleziona le guide pratiche nelle seguenti categorie:

Preparazione di documenti

Descrizione Dimensioni file Scarica
Apply advanced page numbering and stamping (Solo in inglese.)
Use a combination of custom text, formats and macros to create unique numbering sequences for multiple page sections and apply an image as a watermark.
22,43 MB
Auto page rotation for pages with mixed orientation (Solo in inglese.)
Automate the rotation for pages in long documents to ensure all pages have the orientation originally specified with Fiery Impose.
64,94 MB
Produce documents with bleed-edge tabs (Solo in inglese.)
Produce well defined sections in a long document without using tab media. Bleed-edge tabs requires the finished job to be trimmed on the fore edge in order for the tab colors to show.
14,30 MB
Convert pages to grayscale (Solo in inglese.)
Easily specify any page or sheet surface to print in black and white during the makeready stage.
14,12 MB
Produce NCR forms with Fiery JobMaster (Solo in inglese.)
Quickly create multi-part forms and fulfill complex numbering and stamping requirements typical in NCR form orders.
659,89 KB
Apply unique ticket numbers (Solo in inglese.)
Quickly insert a custom incremental ticket numbering sequence at the makeready stage.
2,97 MB
Produce jobs with different finishing requirements (Solo in inglese.)
Use Fiery Compose or Fiery JobMaster to apply different finishing options to multiple chapters within a document. These finishing options will vary based on the in-line finisher available at the print engine.
14,11 MB
Produce notepads (Solo in inglese.)
Automate the process of printing pads with minimal manual collation.
3,85 MB
Print multi-up jobs (Solo in inglese.)
The gangup or multi-up imposition type is commonly used when printing business cards, postcards, tickets, and coupons. Fiery Impose offers workflows to optimize the layout composition of multi-up jobs depending on the properties of the source file, media size and automation requirements.
810,29 KB
Produce documents with two sets of tabs (Solo in inglese.)
Produce a job with two different sets of tabs to better differentiate chapters from subchapters in a book.
22,36 MB
Print a simple booklet from the driver (Solo in inglese.)
Produce booklets using saddlestitch imposition schemes from any application without the need for more advanced imposition programs.
36,43 MB
Print a perfect bound booklet (Solo in inglese.)
This binding method consists of individual leaves glued together at the spine with a flexible adhesive which is glued along the edges of the body sheets and binds the text to a wraparound cover.
21,92 MB
Automatizzare la finitura offline con le unità di finitura Duplo
I modelli di Fiery Impose possono includere codici a barre e crocini di registro riconoscibili dalle unità di finitura Duplo. Questi forniscono all'unità di finitura Duplo le informazioni necessarie per posizionare le lame, le trance e le cordonatrici per eseguire correttamente la finitura del documento. L'integrazione di Fiery Impose con le unità di finitura Duplo consente di migliorare notevolmente la produttività attraverso l'automazione del processo di finitura offline.
10,05 MB
Print a calendar booklet (Solo in inglese.)
Produce professional looking calendars using Fiery Impose, a server-based imposition application option that streamlines and automates the imposition process, making production more efficient.
97,67 KB
Stampa di dati variabili

Descrizione Dimensioni file Scarica
Prepare and produce personalized postcards (Solo in inglese.)
The production of personalized postcards with Fiery servers is as easy as producing static ones. The how-to guide showcases PDF/VT format support and Fiery Impose to produce effective one-to-one communications.
4,43 MB
Gestione lavori

Descrizione Dimensioni file Scarica
Paper stock management with Fiery Paper Catalog (Solo in inglese.)
Have a centralized paper warehouse database to store attributes of the media stock and make it easy to associate paper trays with the loaded media stock at the print engine in order to ensure the operator uses the right media, with the right color profile for each print job.
726,27 KB
Prepare and produce personalized booklets (Solo in inglese.)
Produce impactful one-to-one booklets to promote products and services by personalizing them with customer contact information and products offerings related to their personal preference. The how-to guide showcases PPML format support and Fiery Impose.
366,09 MB
Arti grafiche

Descrizione Dimensioni file Scarica
Calibrate printer with EFI ES-3000 spectrophotometer (Solo in inglese.)
Calibrate your Fiery Driven print engine to achieve consistent color documents. This how-to guide describes the calibration method using the ES-3000 spectrophotometer.
14,46 MB
Capture spot colors and reproduce them accurately (Solo in inglese.)
Use the ES-3000 spectrophotometer to capture colors from your business card and reproduce them accurately in your color documents.
300,37 KB
Create custom control bars for color consistency and quality control (Solo in inglese.)
Fiery Control Bar Builder has a WYSIWYG interface, which displays different color bars and job information. Each custom control bar can be used across all media sizes, reducing setup time and simplifying the operator’s job.
6,82 MB
Enhance image quality of pictures with Fiery Image Enhance Visual Editor (Solo in inglese.)
Improve the output quality of photos with Fiery Image Enhance Visual Editor and save prepress time by eliminating lengthy image editing tasks to make photos look their best.
14,03 MB
Print spot colors accurately using Fiery Spot-On (Solo in inglese.)
Use Fiery Spot-On to achieve the most accurate color matching for logo and other spot colors. Create and manage named spot colors, print a swatch book, import and export spot color groups, and capture new spot colors using a spectrophotometer.
344,61 KB
Use tools in the Fiery Graphic Arts Pro Package to adjust color and troubleshoot file issues (Solo in inglese.)
Fiery Graphic Arts Pro Package includes tools to help identify and correct print production problems before they result in rejected jobs and wasted clicks. Fiery Preflight Pro provides the ultimate set of PDF preflight and quality control checks. Fiery Postflight is a visual tool to help diagnose and fix file element errors. Use Fiery Spot Pro to ensure brand color accuracy. And, with Fiery ImageViewer, view and edit raster files and make color adjustments and replacements, with no need to go back to prepress or the designer. (FS500 Pro and newer external servers).
6,62 MB
Use Fiery Preflight to troubleshoot file issues (Solo in inglese.)
Use Fiery Preflight to check files for potential problems before printing, such as missing spot colors, missing fonts, low resolution images, and more. These preflight checks can help reduce wasted prints and improve production efficiency.
6,27 MB
Use tools in the Fiery ColorRight Package to easily correct color and images (Solo in inglese.)
Use the Fiery ColorRight Package to easily correct color and images in files. Check a file for errors using Fiery Postflight. Manage, import, and optimize spot colors in Fiery Spot Pro. And, make color adjustment and replacements in Fiery ImageViewer. (FS500 or newer embedded servers)
6,52 MB