EFI Inkjet Solutions

The imaging of things starts with EFI inkjet innovation.

Deliver greater product customization, value and appeal in everything your print – from indoor and outdoor signage, POP displays and fabric soft signs to thermoformed signs and packaging – faster, more efficiently, at a lower cost and more profitably than ever before.

  • Speed ahead of the competition with the true production-level throughput and expanded capacity of the EFI VUTEk® HS125 Pro super high-speed UV hybrid press. It’s perfect for high volume graphic producers looking to accelerate their digital business.
  • Perfect your POP business with the 3.2-meter EFI VUTEk LX3 Pro, a production-class, hybrid roll/flatbed LED inkjet printer. With fast throughput and high-resolution grayscale imaging, it puts the “Pro” in peak productivity while redefining quality. And its LED technology is a greener solution that reduces costs and gives users the ability to print on a wider range of media.
  • Dominate the soft signage world with the EFI VUTEk FabriVU 340. This 3.4-meter fabric printer developed by EFI Reggiani runs environmentally friendly water-based inks and helps users produce stunning soft signage and banner applications.
  • Take on the most demanding jobs quickly and effortlessly with the 5-meter EFI Quantum LXr 5 LED roll-to-roll printing, offering the best in print quality, versatility, and total cost of ownership in its class. It’s an economical alternative to latex.
  • Make direct to thermo-formable substrate printing easy with the EFI H1625-SD 65-inch UV hybrid production printer and award-winning EFI SuperDraw UV Inks. The printer runs four colors plus white with high-quality grayscale imaging for near-photographic imaging direct to thermo-formable substrates.
  • Protect your print, protect your color, protect your reputation with the EFI Armor line of UV and water-based coatings. Whether you’re printing on rigid boards, flexible media or thermoforming materials, you need to protect your print from the sun, weather, wear and tear, even chemicals. EFI has the post-printing coating formula for success. EFI Armor does a lot more than coat. It defends. It shields. It guards. It preserves.

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