What’s holding you back from automating print job preparation?

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If you could cut prep time by 80%, wouldn’t you? Then why not invest in prepress automation?

There are a lot of possible answers. You may wonder if it makes financial sense. Whether you have enough business to justify the investment. Or if your employees have the skills.

Now you can stop wondering and find out for sure.*

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See how easy prepress automation can be, and how much time you can save.



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Download the interactive PDF with an ROI calculator that shows you in 3 easy steps whether automating prepress workflow makes business sense for you.

The calculator compares your operation’s numbers against industry figures and determines if automating the manual steps in your prepress work makes sense for you. It’s that easy. Really.

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Automate today 

See for yourself how you can save 80% of prep time by automating prepress processes with a 30-day free trial of Fiery® JobFlow.

You can download JobFlow workflows for many common tasks from the EFI website for free.

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* Potential time savings are based on EFI time and click analysis of preparing typical print jobs using EFI Fiery Workflow Software. Your time savings will vary depending on job type and your manual prep time.  You can calculate your time savings and investment payback using the interactive PDF.

Listen to the voices of experience

Listen to what actual Fiery JobFlow customers say about how automation has changed their business:

“We manufacture more than 100 print-on-demand products here including photobooks, banners, canvas prints, metal prints, and traditional business products in various quantities. We realized early on that we couldn’t have a press operator sitting there opening files, checking for missing assets, and queuing them for printing. That’s where Fiery JobFlow came to the rescue. We used to spend two to three hours each morning queuing up batches. Now with Fiery JobFlow, jobs are already queued when we arrive in the morning, and we don’t have to worry about whether there will be issues. JobFlow is awesome. You just set it and forget it.”

– Justin Biggs, President and COO, ZenPrint

“Thanks to Fiery JobFlow, we avoid input errors, save time, and can concentrate on monitoring the CD duplicator and digital printing. If we had digitally printed all the short-run jobs we’ve had in recent years using the automated workflow of Fiery JobFlow, we could have saved a significant amount of money.” 

— Michael Beer, technical support lead, Entertainment Distribution Company GmbH.

“We needed a solution that could help us automate our workflow, as well as improve operations with the other work that runs through our facility. Now we set up a job once, and every time we need to print similar jobs, JobFlow automatically sets them up for the press. Fiery JobFlow solved our huge pressroom bottleneck, allowing us to continue our growth path without adding additional people.”

– Dave Wray, Workflow Specialist, CyberChrome