Fiery Impose, Compose, and SeeQuence Suite dongle trade-in program details and exchange form

Fiery Impose, Fiery Compose and Fiery SeeQuence Suite dongle trade-in

Trade in your Fiery product dongle, and exchange it for a 1-year term license to take advantage of the latest features in Fiery Command WorkStation 6.6 Package (including Impose and Compose) and beyond.

Fiery Command WorkStation 6.6 only supports License Activation Code (LAC) licenses for the following products:

Keep your dongle with previous versions of Command WorkStation
If you want to continue using your Fiery product without replacing the dongle, you can do so with Fiery Command WorkStation 6.5 or previous versions.

Trade in dongle
You need to replace your Fiery product dongle (Impose, Compose, or SeeQuence Suite) with an LAC license to continue using the Fiery product with Fiery Command WorkStation 6.6 and beyond to take advantage of the latest features. To do so, fill out the form. You will receive a 45-day term license during processing (please allow 3 business days). Please mail in the product dongle within 10 days of receiving a temporary product license. Once the dongle is received and verified, you will receive an email with a 1-year term license. This offer has been extended until July 31, 2021.

Before trading in your dongle, make sure your Fiery server supports Fiery Command WorkStation 6.6. For more information, visit the supported printers list.

Fiery Impose Dongle

When you receive the license activation code, you can activate it automatically if your computer is connected to the Internet, or manually if your computer is not connected to the Internet. Visit EFI help for instructions to activate your license code.

Shipping and import fees
If you are shipping the dongle to an EFI location outside your own country, you may incur import fees. For example, shipping one dongle into the US will cost approximately $27 USD in customs processing fees. Please check with the shipping company and pay freight/shipping charges and any import customs fees before shipping the dongle back to one of the EFI locations.

Purchasing future licenses
After your 1-year term license expires, you can purchase additional licenses by contacting your Fiery reseller.

Frequently asked questions
If you have additional questions, please see our FAQ document. You may also post a question on EFI Communities.