Try Fiery JobMaster for free

Save time on complex document preparation. Fiery JobMaster allows operators to quickly set up jobs requiring:

  • Merging documents, defining chapters, and assigning media

  • Inserting and editing scanned pages

  • Defining tab and blank page inserts. See video

  • Numbering pages, unique ticket numbering, and barcodes. See video

  • Creating NCR forms. See video

Technical requirements: Fiery Command WorkStation 6 installed on a Windows® or Mac client with a Fiery and printer combination that is supported by Fiery JobMaster.

Please note:
 If you already have Fiery Impose, you can use Fiery JobMaster with it to gain even higher productivity. However, Fiery Impose in demo mode will not work while Fiery JobMaster is in trial mode. You can try out Fiery Impose demo mode after the Fiery JobMaster trial license expires or when you deactivate the trial license.