Download Fiery® Command WorkStation® 5.3

What's included in my download?

Fiery Command WorkStation

Centralize job management, connect to all Fiery servers on the network, and achieve optimal results in real time to increase productivity. The intuitive interface makes complex tasks simple, regardless of the operators’ experience, while the flexible software adapts to any environment.

Fiery Hot Folders

Enhance productivity by automating the job submission process and by reducing errors caused by mistakes in the job set-up. Documents can be printed via drag and drop or print-to-file, providing users choices of how to print.

Fiery Remote Scan

Retrieve scans from the Fiery server, and submit directly into an application using a TWAIN plug-in.

Fiery Bridge

A Windows utility that mounts a Fiery mailbox as a folder on your desktop for easy retrieval of scanned files.

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