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Expand your profits at no extra cost with the Fiery FreeForm Kit

Want to expand your business profits with effective one-to-one marketing campaigns and services? Download your Fiery FreeForm Kit today and get everything you need to create successful variable data printing (VDP) jobs quickly. The FreeForm technology already exists in your Fiery server at no extra cost. It’s suited to a wide range of VDP applications and is driver based, so it requires no specific VDP software application to work. Anyone can use the kit!

The Fiery FreeForm Kit demonstrates how to use this technology, so you can increase your customer service with effective, personalized marketing pieces. The FreeForm Kit comes with templates of typical jobs in metric and inch versions that can be used “as is” or modified to produce marketing pieces such as real estate flyers, direct mail cards for retail, fundraising mailing cards and certificates and awards.

The kit also comes with sample databases in Excel spreadsheets with simple, step-by-step instructions on how to use and modify the templates. No other technology provider can offer you this built-in capability in such a simple, accessible way!

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