Get Fiery® JobFlow™ for display graphics printing

Fiery JobFlow can be installed on a Windows computer or the Fiery server using Fiery Software Manager.

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Fiery Software Manager is a small application that enables the download, installation, update, and removal of many Fiery applications and software solutions. If you already have Fiery Command WorkStation installed, you also have Fiery Software Manager installed.

If you need to download Fiery Software Manager onto a Windows computer, please use the download link below:
Windows Download

Full Fiery JobFlow installation instructions are available here.

Important technical notes:

  • Fiery JobFlow for display graphics printers can only be installed with Fiery XF 7 or above.
  • Fiery JobFlow version 2.7 only supports Fiery Command WorkStation and newer.
  • Fiery JobFlow can only be installed on Windows-based systems. However, once the application has been installed, it can be accessed via web browser from both Windows and Mac clients.
  • Fiery Command WorkStation must be installed on the same computer that Fiery JobFlow is installed on.
  • If your Fiery server is not connected to the Internet, you can download the stand-alone Fiery Command WorkStation package and the stand-alone JobFlow installer from an internet-connected computer, then copy these software packages to the Fiery server for installation.  

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