World of Fiery Webinar Series

Get actionable tips for improving productivity, quality and profitability. Learn how to reduce costs, gain new business, and more. Attend the ongoing World of Fiery webinar series.

This free program of educational and informative webinars provides valuable information for color professionals, print business owners, and managers of in-plant/CRD operations. We make recorded webinars available so you can review sessions whenever you want. 

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“Great content; very effective presenter; nice mix of lecture, polls, and demonstrations.” 

“Overall I'm getting a better understanding of the product I have and what it does.”

“These sessions make our investment in Fiery products all that much better!”

“This was the best webinar that I've seen EFI put together. Thank you.”
Join our subject matter experts to learn how to leverage your technology to compete more effectively and offer new services to your customers. We offer sessions on various topics and in different languages.

Please visit the pages listed below and register for as many sessions as you are interested in.

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All sessions are recorded and can be viewed on demand.

WOF Color Management                       
3 Key Steps to Get the Right Color the First Try

Being able to produce perfect profiles can make all the difference. Learn how to optimize settings and calibration to attain the best and most predictable color output.

English, French, German, PolishSpanish, Turkish, Italian, Czech

Paper Stock    Achieving Great Output Quality with Your Paper

Get the best quality print on whatever paper you buy. Learn how to configure print settings to get the best quality on each stock and maximize productivity with automated settings.

English, French, German, Spanish

World of Fiery Webinar: Advanced color management for digital print systems    Advanced Color Management for Digital Print Systems

Building on our other sessions on color management, this session delves deeper into color management and gives you the knowledge for getting the best reproduction of color in your production environment.

English, Spanish, French, Polish, Turkish, German, Italian, Czech

Automate    Automating Job Submission: 5 Ways to Increase Your Efficiency

Uncover the power of automating with Fiery Hot Folders, Virtual Printers, Presets, and more. Learn how to produce jobs faster, reduce errors, and increase production output.


Certified    Best Practices for Matching Industry Color Standards

Understand the importance of color standards, specifications and methods for your business and learn how to match your printers to an industry reference or a customer press profile.


Print registration and control bars    Best Practices for Producing Outstanding Image Quality Results

Learn how you can achieve perfect output quality for images and vectors in a high-volume production environment.

English, French, German, Spanish, Czech

Graphic Arts Package, Premium Edition   Best Practices for Troubleshooting Print Quality Problems

Learn how to use advanced Fiery graphic arts tools to quickly troubleshoot and fix common print issues right at the DFE, eliminating rework and the need to go back to prepress.


    Fiery Command WorkStation 6 - overview and new features

Learn all you need to know to transition to the new interface, and discover new features that will make a big difference in your day-to-day operations.

English, Italian, French, Polish, Spanish

World of Fiery webinar: Fiery Command WorkStation 5: configuring color settings and best practices    Fiery Command WorkStation 6 - configuring color settings and best practices

Understand how to configure color settings and learn best practices for establishing new workflows to comply with color standards.

English, French, German, Polish, Turkish, Spanish

    Fiery Command WorkStation 6 - new features in Fiery makeready solutions

See how the new features in Fiery Impose, Fiery JobMaster, and Fiery Compose can speed up the production of complex jobs and expand your service offerings.

English, Italian, Polish, Italian, German, French

WOFchecklist    Foolproof Preparation of a Digital Print Job

Learn to identify 5 frequent design challenges for document preparation of common jobs such as business cards, booklets, and catalogs.


 G7 logo   G7 Calibration with Fiery Color Profiler Suite

Learn what G7 calibration is and how to achieve better, more stable color quality.


CWS Display    Getting the Most Out of Your Fiery Investment

Learn the basics of Fiery Command WorkStation - where to start and how to optimize your job management, including tips and resources for ensuring your success.


VDP Newsletter
  Recipe for VDP: A Primer for Creating Successful Campaigns

Take stress out of variable data printing with a step-by-step guide to creating powerful VDP campaigns that drive more business for your customers.

English, French, German, Spanish

  Take Document Layout to the Next Level

Learn how easy and fast it can be to prepare jobs to print correctly the first time while saving your customers' design time, using in-RIP prepress and makeready tools.


FreeForm Kit
  Ten Ways that Fiery Tools Make VDP Easy

Discover how a Fiery digital front end reduces the stress of a VDP job production, from the simplest projects to the most complex.

English, Spanish, German, French

EFI Pantone Color Bridge
  The ABCs of Producing the Best Match for Spot Colors

Learn about the challenges of spot color matching and how you can differentiate your business by creating the best possible match for your customers.

English, French, German, Spanish, Polish, Turkish, Italian, Czech

  The Business of VDP: How to Get Started and Grow Your Profits

Learn how various technologies increase audience engagement and reach beyond the printed page, plus hear how other print service providers have successfully grown their VDP portfolios.


CWS Display
  Tips & Tricks for Fiery Command WorkStation

Get the most out of Command WorkStation and save time, increase automation and produce better color output. Learn how to master the power of Fiery servers by using Command WorkStation like a pro.


Enfocus PitStop Edit
  Use powerful Enfocus PitStop Edit PDF tools to quickly make print-ready files

Get the best return on your Fiery makeready applications and discover how to leverage Enfocus PitStop Edit, a powerful Adobe Acrobat plug-in, to enhance or fix PDF documents in the prepress department or at the digital front end.

English, German, Spanish, French

World of Fiery Webinar - Use powerfuul print production analytics for higher profitability
  Use powerful print production analytics for higher profitability

What you don’t know about your operation can impact your bottom line. Find out how capturing key operational data can help you make informed decisions to improve profitability.