What’s new? Fiery proServer and Fiery XF 6.2


What’s new technical overview

This 20-minute tutorial takes you through the technical details of the new color, productivity and usability features of Fiery® XF and Fiery proServer 6.2.

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supported printers

17 new supported printers

New printer drivers for Agfa, Canon, EFI, Epson, and Mimaki devices join the 650+ printers already supported by Fiery XF and Fiery proServer. 

To see the full list of supported printers visit here.


cut marks cutters

New Cut Marks Option cutters

The following new cutting devices are now supported in the Cut Marks Option:

  • Aristo - Aristomat GL,TL and LFC
  • Colex - SharpCut series
  • Multicam - MultiVision cutters
  • Zünd - L3 C40 and L3 C56

vutek printers

Performance gains for VUTEk® users

All VUTEk users will see average speed improvements of over 60% versus Fiery proServer and Fiery XF 6.1 for single-page jobs, for both 600dpi and 1000dpi resolutions.


white crops

White ink for cut and crop marks

Users can now select white ink for cut and crop marks on printers that support white ink. White marks offer optimal mark detection for cutting on black or dark substrates.

For more on Fiery XF and Fiery proServer cutting capabilities visit here.

crop box

Cut path enhancements

You can now use any of the following PDF boxes as a cut contour path when no path exists in a job: bounding box, crop box, bleed box, art box or trim box.

Cut paths can also now be recognized within jobs regardless of the spot color type used for the path, and layer position within a job.

color adjustment

Color Adjustments for spot color jobs

Color Adjustment controls can now be used for jobs containing spot colors. You can use all correction types, however spot color definitions remain as originally defined, only the non-spot color data will be modified.


Color Profiler Option 4.7.1

The Color Profile Option is updated to 4.7.1 bringing support for the new EFI ES-6000 plus minor features, fixes and improvements.

For more information on the ES-6000 visit here.

large patches

Larger profiling patch sizes

Larger patch sizes can now be selected for the ES-2000 and the X-Rite i1Pro 2 for superior results when profiling lower resolution or large picoliter printers.

For more information on the Color Profiler Option visit here.

job position

Enhanced job positioning

You can now place pages or jobs on a sheet using independent positioning methods for the x and the y-axis. Center jobs on the horizontal axis for example, but position them vertically using numeric values.

Welcome screen

New Welcome Screen

A Welcome Screen greets users at the Fiery XF client launch with useful information on what’s new within their installed software version, did you know hints and tips on Fiery XF and Fiery proServer, plus information on their Software Maintenance & Support agreement status.


OKI printer booklet enhancement

A new Creep function allows users to accommodate different media thicknesses when creating bound booklets for perfect finished results.

Windows thumb

Windows 10 compatibility

Microsoft® Windows® 10 is now supported for the Fiery XF client and server.

Please note: Windows 10 is not supported on Fiery proServers, for more information visit here.