Innovate & change with dynamic data

Enter the world of data discovery!

With dynamic, customizable dashboards, what-if scenario generators and automated report creation and distribution, data comes to life so you can focus on implementing quick, proactive changes that will impact your bottom line!

business intelligence
business intelligence
Experience the Suite's Business Intelligence component

Through an easy-to-use interface, decision-makers gain deep visibility into their business operations. They can more easily identify trends as they begin to appear, accurately forecast the effects of changing variables, and implement proactive changes that are impactful and profitable.

About the EFI Packaging Suite

By implementing the Suite's certified, end-to-end workflows, flexible packaging, folding carton and label converting enterprises are able to integrate their people, processes and technologies from initial new job acquisition through production, invoicing and business analysis. 
With fewer manual touchpoints, increased visibility, better communication, and optimized scheduling and resource utilization, enterprises fueled by the Suite enjoy higher profits today and more flexibility for future growth opportunities.

Looking to really see the Packaging Suite in action?  Come see it live at EFI’s Worldwide Users’ Conference, CONNECT 2017

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