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Customers should do all of the updates from the version they are currently on to the latest to make sure all of the data gets updated properly.


New Release of Enterprise Commercial Print Suite

May 29, 2020


Dear (Valued Customer)

Please be advised that Enterprise Commercial Print Suite 8.0 is now released and available.

New feature highlights include:

  • Auto-Count
    • Ability to create Runs directly in AC4D; Required when a job needs to run in production and a scheduler isn’t available
      to release schedule and populate AC Run Queue* (Summer patch release)
  • eCRM
    • User interface changes incorporating HTML 5* (BETA browser updates within Suite 8.0. Classic HTML 4 views are also available)
    • Ability to synchronize eCRM Opportunities to iQuote; allows new estimates created or copied in iQuote to be linked to an eCRM Opportunity
    • Updates to Estimates and Jobs grids provide a more streamlined user experience
    • New options added to the External Estimates toolbar; including Place Order, Cancel, Attachments, Revision
  • iQuote
    • Ability to update material costs with spreadsheet import; eliminating manual data entry
    • Improved performance; moving iQuote server to C* (Early Adopter release, general-release in Suite 8.1)
    • Allow the user to define new styles of LOQ; view pricing by component
    • Allow import of up to 20 different quantities in the import spreadsheet; including irregular format and new packaging characteristics
  • MarketDirect StoreFront
    • Introduction of Auto-Engage marketing module; includes support for promo codes and limited-time offers, abandoned shopping cart, new-product campaigns
    • Product management user-interface improvements. New tools designed to manage products individually or in bulk; create/edit ad-hoc, non-print, matrix, and kits
  • Monarch
    • Ability to include a Shipping Class on an AR Proforma Invoice; Additional support added for Print Types: Regular, Summary, Detail to mimic functionality in AR Invoices
    • Performance improvements on key financial reports allowing reports to generate more quickly; Accounts Receivable Aging, Accounts Payable Aging, Inventory Valuation
    • Output options added for the Accounts Receivable Tax report; PDF and Excel
    • PrintStream integration now includes calculation for package quantity; quantities of packs and final pieces
    • Integration with Thomson Reuters Indirect Tax Service; simplify and ensure accurate tax-calculations* (Module purchase required)

Accounts with current Support and Maintenance Agreements for the following Enterprise Commercial Print Suite components are entitled to an upgrade for each of those components and may obtain the upgrades by logging a case in the EFI Communities Site at https://communities.efi.com/

  • Auto-Count v 18.5.1
  • eCRM v 20.1.1
  • iQuote v 23.024
  • MarketDirect StoreFront v 11
  • Metrix v 201920865
  • Monarch v 19.1
  • Planner v 14.3
  • PrintFlow Application v 19.1
  • PrintFlow Web v 20.1.1
  • PrintStream v 20.1
  • Process Shipper v 10.0.0
  • Productivity WorkBench v 8.0

Release materials can be found at: ftp://hagenftp.efi.com

Customers interested in learning more about the Enterprise Commercial Print Suite or any of the certified components above can contact their EFI sales representative or leave their details at efi.com/contact-me to request information using an online form or to see a global list of EFI phone numbers.



The EFI Team