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Unlock the value of your production data by connecting your printers to EFI IQ. Elevate your day-to-day production and business management with data-driven decisions. 

Supported EFI printers and presses:




 Supported versions

    Vutek HS100 Pro     Version and later
  Vutek HS100 F4   All versions
  Vutek HS125 Pro   Version 2.3.0 and later
  Vutek HS125 F4   All versions
  Vutek H3 / H5   Printer software v1.5.x.x and later
  EFI Pro 32r, 32r+, Vutek 3r, 3r+, 5r, 5r+, D5r, D3r, Q3r, Q5r   Version and later
  Vutek LX3 Pro
Vutek GS3250x Pro
Vutek GS3250LX Pro
Vutek GS5250LXr Pro, Vutek GS5500LXr Pro
Vutek H2000 Pro
  All versions
  Vutek GS2000x Pro
Vutek GS2000LX Pro
  Serial numbers not supported:
152XXX to 153XXX;
163XXX to 183XXX
  Vutek GS3200   Serial numbers not supported:
152XXX to 153XXX
  Vutek GS3250r   Serial numbers not supported:
163XXX to 183XXX; 193XXX
  Vutek GS5000
Vutek GS5000r
  Serial numbers not supported:
  Vutek 32h   All versions
  EFI Pro 30f   Version and later
  EFI Pro 16h   Version and later
  Nozomi C18000, 14000 LED    All versions
  Cubik S18000    All versions