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Turn your production data into actionable analytics and use them to boost ROI, increase productivity, and make data-driven decisions. IQ InsightTM is a free cloud application that allows you to monitor production performance from all your Fiery DrivenTM cutsheet devices.


IQ Insight captures key print production data, and transforms it into useful visual analytics to provide valuable, actionable information. With Insight, you can:

  • Monitor printer utilization analytics and take steps to maximize uptime

  • Use job by source information to identify opportunities to increase the use of automated workflows

  • Track printer usage for upcoming equipment purchases and renewal planning

  • Compare print device performance, identify production bottlenecks, and uncover areas where your staff may need additional training

  • Identify patterns of consumable usage to forecast volume demands based on historic trends

Build a stronger, more profitable business with your production data using IQ Insight analytics. 

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