How to create brochures and newsletters

Produce with ease; print with great-looking color

Brochures Newsletters

1.    Driver-based imposition

Fiery® Booklet Maker lets you print multiple pages of a job from any application, in several booklet styles, without the need for more advanced imposition programs.


2.    Custom imposition

Fiery Impose provides professional layout tools to produce any type of booklet using an easy visual interface. The interactive preview allows you to see imposition changes as you make them. Once settings are defined you can speed production with imposition templates to automate future jobs.

3.    Automate makeready

Automate the makeready process for brochures and newsletters by using the Hot Folders, Presets, or Virtual Printers workflows.


4.    Spot colors

Marketing collateral includes company logos and brand colors defined with spot colors such as PANTONE®. Fiery servers support PANTONE and other color systems to match a desired spot color on a given printer.

5.    Accurate color

Fiery servers correctly render and produce accurate colors for documents that contain a mix of spot colors, multiple color spaces, transparencies and overprints.

6.    Last minute image touch-ups and corrections

Fiery Image Enhance Visual Editor interactive tool adjusts images in a job individually, without opening and editing the file in the originating application. Adjust brightness, contrast, highlights, shadows, color balance and sharpness; and make red-eye corrections on any image.

7.    Troubleshooting files

Use advanced Fiery tools to identify and correct file issues before printing such as missing fonts, spot colors, low-resolution images, mixed source colors, hairlines below threshold, overprints, artifacts, transparencies and PostScript errors. Fiery ImageViewer provides a pixel level preview of a raster file to pinpoint source of problem (file, engine or job processing), and also enables last-minute color adjustments.