How to create notepads

The tools you need for accurate color and easy finishing


1.    Pad printing

Fiery® Pad Printing duplicates a single job as many times as needed to create one finished pad. It allows simple assembly of printed pads with a back cover. Pads can be offset in the output tray to simplify separation for offline binding, minimizing manual collation.


2.    Spot colors

Note pads can include logos and brand colors defined with spot colors such as PANTONE®. Fiery servers support PANTONE and other color systems  to match a desired spot color on a given printer.

3.    Accurate color

Fiery servers correctly render and produce accurate colors for a document containing a mix of spot colors, multiple color spaces, transparencies and overprints. Fiery servers also enhance small, fine text and graphics.

4.    Troubleshooting files

Use advanced Fiery tools to identify and correct file issues before printing such as missing fonts, spot colors, low-resolution images, mixed source colors, hairlines below threshold, overprints, artifacts, transparencies and PostScript errors. Fiery ImageViewer provides a pixel level preview of a raster file to pinpoint source of problem (file, engine or job processing), and also enables last-minute color adjustments.