Fiery Command WorkStation 6 For wide and superwide printer users

Your interface to higher productivity

Unify your print job management — control all Fiery® servers to gain operational efficiencies and increase productivity. 

Free Download - Version 6.8   What's new?

Is my Fiery server supported?

Fiery Command WorkStation 6.8 supports Fiery proServer and Fiery XF 7 and above.

Learn more about how to use the same Fiery Command WorkStation for your Fiery cutsheet server.

Explore the latest Fiery proServer and Fiery XF server features. View new features for Fiery cutsheet printer users



Customize your server list — new in 6.8

Arrange your Fiery servers in the order that best suits your print room — alphabetically, by printer type, by print room layout — or whatever order makes you the most productive. 


Accelerate job management tasks — new in 6.8

Make your Fiery servers and job handling more productive with various improvements in Command WorkStation and Job Properties with:

  • Easier job cancellation
  • Visible server IP addresses
  • Faster Job Title editing, and more  

Benefit from EFI IQ cloud services — new in 6.8

Backup, restore, and share Fiery Command WorkStation settings with colleagues faster and more conveniently using free EFI™ IQ™ cloud services.

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Search for jobs across all servers — new in 6.7

Locate jobs anywhere in your Fiery print production processes by searching across all connected servers. Jump to the job on the related Fiery server with just 1 click.

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Fiery XF documentation from the Help menu — new in 6.7

Find all important help documentation for your Fiery XF software version in one convenient location. Release notes, help files, and guides are available in all supported languages.  


SMSA expiration alerts — new in 6.7

See Software Maintenance & Support Agreement (SMSA) expiration notifications at 90, 60, 30, 15, 10, and 1 day prior to SMSA expiration for each of your Fiery XF servers.