Fiery Command WorkStation 6 For cutsheet printer users

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Unify your print job management — control all Fiery® servers to gain operational efficiencies and increase productivity.  

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Is my Fiery server supported?

Version 6.6 works on Fiery servers for cutsheet printers running Fiery FS200/FS200 Pro system software and above. It is not compatible with Fiery Central. Find the right Fiery Command WorkStation® version for your Fiery server.

Learn more about how to use the same Fiery Command WorkStation for wide and superwide printers.                     

Fiery Command WorkStation 6.6 is compatible with Fiery Servers running Fiery FS200/FS200 Pro software and above. The tables below shows you which version of Command WorkStation is supported by your Fiery server.

For a list of compatible Fiery servers driving wide and superwide printers, visit this web page.

How do I find which Fiery system and Fiery server version I have?

Available Fiery Command WorkStation versions:

Click on the version number go to the download page 




Fiery system software

Connect to server

Connect to server

Connect to server

Connect to server

Fiery FS400/FS400 Pro  yes yes  yes  no 
Fiery FS300 Pro, FS350 Pro yes yes yes no
Fiery FS300, FS350
yes yes yes no

Fiery FS200/FS200 Pro
yes yes yes yes

Fiery FS100*/FS100 Pro, FS150/FS150 Pro

no yes yes yes

Fiery System 10/10e*

no no yes yes

Fiery System 9/9e Release 2

no no no yes
Fiery System 8 Release 2
no no no yes

Fiery System 9e, 8e Release 2*
no no no yes

Fiery System 8/8e, 7/7e, 6/6e*
no no no no

Fiery Central 2.x
no no no yes

Fiery Central 1.x
no no no yes

Fiery servers for high-speed inkjet presses require specific versions of Fiery Command WorkStation. Contact your press supplier for further information on upgrading.
* Linux-based servers.