Fiery Command WorkStation 6 For cutsheet printer users

Your interface to higher productivity

Unify your print job management — control all Fiery® servers to gain operational efficiencies and increase productivity.  

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Is my Fiery server supported?

Version 6 works on Fiery servers for cutsheet printers running Fiery System 10/10e software and above. It is not compatible with Fiery Central. Find the right Fiery Command WorkStation® version for your Fiery server.

Learn more about how to use the same Fiery Command WorkStation for wide and superwide printers.                     

For a list of new features in Fiery makeready products for cutsheet users visit the Fiery Impose, Fiery JobMaster, and Fiery Graphic Arts, Premium Edition webpages. For more information, visit the what's new guide.


Auto reconnect

In case a Fiery server gets disconnected, Fiery Command WorkStation automatically reestablishes the connection, so you can resume work right away.


Open Properties faster
Save time when launching Properties for your queued jobs. Job Properties opens in 2 seconds or less, which is much faster than before.
Fiery Smart Search
A new way to search for Fiery related information, help and training resources. Click on the Fiery Smart Search icon on the bottom-left of the screen to type the search term. You will be presented with a list of matching results from user help documentation, how-to guides and EFI Communities.

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Fiery Health Monitor
Ensure your Fiery server runs in its most efficient condition to face the demands of your print site. Fiery Health Monitor indicates the status of the system's overall health in green, yellow and red colors. It presents a list of maintenance and preventive actions to bring your Fiery server back to a healthy green state. 

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Share settings
Export your Command WorkStation settings to other clients connecting to the same list of Fiery servers. This makes setting up multi-client environments much faster and ensures a consistent presentation of tools and settings across the print site.


Completed view 

Keep better track of your output with a new view that presents a single list of all jobs that have printed, regardless of the location of the job (Held, Printed, Archived).


Check Properties of active jobs 
Verify job property settings while a job is waiting, processing, or printing. This feature offers you a chance to check on settings without cancelling the job first.



Zoom controls in raster preview
When previewing a processed job, the Fiery Preview window presents new controls to zoom the page view in and out from 6% to 400%. There is also a Fit Page button to preview the entire page image in the Preview window.


Print job log entry

Select a job log entry to display its details in a separate window. This new window offers the option to print the first 10 columns of a job log entry or copy the data to other applications.