Fiery Command WorkStation 6 For cutsheet printer users

Your interface to higher productivity

Unify your print job management — control all Fiery® servers to gain operational efficiencies and increase productivity.  

Free Download - Version 6.8  What's new?

Is my Fiery server supported?

Version 6.8 works on Fiery servers for cutsheet printers running Fiery FS150/FS150 Pro system software and above. Find the right Fiery Command WorkStation® version for your Fiery server.

Learn more about how to use the same Fiery Command WorkStation for wide and superwide printers.                     

For more information, visit the what's new guide. For a list of new features in Fiery makeready products for cutsheet users visit the Fiery Impose, Fiery JobMasterFiery Graphic Arts, Premium Edition, Fiery Graphic Arts Pro package, Fiery ColorRight package, Fiery Productivity package, and Fiery Automation package webpages.



Work more flexibly with job presets — new in 6.8

Use the Selective type of preset to apply just specific settings to a job while preserving the original settings for all other job properties. Selective presets offer you extra flexibility during the job preparation stage and speed up job setup.

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Customize your server list — new in 6.8

Arrange your Fiery servers in the order that best suits your print room — alphabetically, by printer type, by print room layout — or whatever order makes you the most productive. 


Prioritize favorite media — new in 6.8

Move your most frequently used media types to the top of the media list in Job Properties by setting them as “favorites”.  


Accelerate job management tasks — new in 6.8

Make your Fiery servers and job handling more productive with various improvements in Command WorkStation and Job Properties with:

  • Easier job cancellation
  • Visible server IP addresses
  • Faster Job Title editing
  • Visible print times, and more  

Benefit from EFI IQ cloud services — new in 6.8

Backup, restore, and share Fiery Command WorkStation settings with colleagues faster and more conveniently using free EFI™ IQ™ cloud services.

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Search for jobs across all servers — new in 6.7

Locate jobs anywhere in your Fiery® print production processes by searching across all connected servers. Jump to the job on the related Fiery server with just 1 click.

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Enhanced job Tags — new in 6.7

Apply Tags within the Job Properties window for greater job tagging flexibility. Automate the assignment of Tags by saving them in Server Presets for use within Fiery Hot Folders, Virtual Printers, and Fiery JobFlow™.

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Fiery Hot Folders now support Fiery FreeForm Plus files — new in 6.7
Automate the job submission of FreeForm™ Plus files from Fiery FreeForm Create with file support in Fiery Hot Folders. This includes Server Presets, imposition templates, and more.

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Fiery Central support — new in 6.7
Connect to Fiery Central servers with the latest version of Fiery Command WorkStation. This lets you take advantage of the latest Command WorkStation features, plus connect to Fiery servers running newer Fiery systems software — all from the same client workstation.