Fiery Command WorkStation 7 For cutsheet printer users

Your interface to higher productivity

Unify your print job management — control all Fiery® servers to gain operational efficiencies and increase productivity.  

Free Download - Version 7.0  What's new?

Is my Fiery server supported?

Version 7.0 works on Fiery servers for cutsheet printers running Fiery FS200/FS200 Pro system software and above. Find the right Fiery Command WorkStation® version for your Fiery server.

Learn more about how to use the same Fiery Command WorkStation for wide and superwide printers.                     

For more information, visit the what's new guide. For a list of new features in Fiery makeready products for cutsheet users visit the Fiery Impose, Fiery JobMasterFiery Graphic Arts, Premium Edition, Fiery Graphic Arts Pro package, Fiery ColorRight package, Fiery Productivity package, and Fiery Automation package webpages.



Fiery Account — new in 7.0

Unlock a host of business and productivity benefits with a Fiery® Account. A Fiery Account lets you:

  • Quickly download software from Fiery Software Manager
  • Access the free Fiery IQ™ applications and start free trials for paid IQ applications
  • Back up and share your workspace settings with colleaguess
  • Keep your Fiery software licenses safe and convenient

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Dark Mode for macOS — new in 7.0

Take advantage of the improved experience Dark Mode brings to macOS users. This popular display mode reduces glare, increases readability, and conserves power on certain monitor types.

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Customizable Server List enhancements — new in 7.0

Make more of the server-pane real estate. Choose which queues and server properties to hide or show in order to display more servers without scrolling, and see only the things you really need.

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Job History — new in 7.0

Quickly see the full journey of a job. View when it was created, processed, printed, and more — so that you can be sure you have the correct version.


Integrated Fiery ColorGuard client — new in 7.0

No need to step out of the Fiery Command WorkStation® interface to get alerts and take action on Fiery ColorGuard verification and recalibration tasks.

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