Fiery Go

Fiery Go
Manage Fiery Driven printers from your iOS and Android devices
Fiery Go gives you more flexibility and allows you to multi-task for a more efficient workplace. The app is simple to use, takes just minutes to deploy and it's free. Give it a Go today!


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Fiery® Go allows you to monitor the status of multiple Fiery Driven™ printers to manage print jobs from anywhere. Using Fiery Go, operators can perform these actions:

  • Browse jobs
  • Preview jobs*
  • Process, print and cancel functions
  • Select print settings
  • Send PDF files to the Fiery server from cloud storage services or apps on your smart phone or tablet

Fiery Go also sends you alerts about Fiery server and consumable status, errors in print jobs, paper jams and more — so you can take immediate action.

* Only available in tablet versions.