Fiery JobExpert Built-in expert for optimal print output

Automatically sets optimal Fiery job settings

Fiery JobExpert is a breakthrough new technology that analyzes incoming PDF files and dynamically chooses the optimal print settings to achieve the highest quality while optimizing processing time.
Supported printers

Fiery JobExpert automatically chooses the optimal and most efficient way to process each job on the Fiery server to achieve the highest quality. It analyzes each PDF print job in detail and sets the best Fiery job settings for color management, image quality, VDP settings, and engine specific properties. Fiery JobExpert reduces setup time, enables faster processing, and cuts waste.

Fiery JobExpert will analyze a PDF file and modify job properties to:
  • Correctly print transparencies and drop shadows
  • Accurately reproduce small text
  • Honor embedded profiles
  • Accurately reproduce ultra-thin lines and fine details
  • And much more!

Fiery JobExpert benefits:
  • Highest print quality
  • Faster processing
  • Enables less-experienced operators to run jobs correctly
  • Reduces setup time
  • Cuts waste
JobExpert before and after olives example

 JobExpert before and after people example