From order acquisition to business management and scheduling, and prepress to press, you eliminate manual entry steps and streamline job workflow, letting job information flow through systems seamlessly and capturing production data such as media usage and run time. By introducing an integrated workflow, you increase your productivity and profits and decrease your overhead costs.

With EFI Fiery Driven digital printers with Fiery JDF technology , you can: 

  • Maximize the return on your investment and increase profitability through integration and scalability of EFI and third-party JDF-enabled systems. 
  • Support digital and offset hybrid workflows, so you can use the best of both technologies.
  • Increase productivity and efficiency by eliminating manual touch points, errors and reduce waste. 
  • Automatically capture business intelligence like production time and material usage for more accurate reporting, estimating and invoicing.

What's New with Fiery JDF

The latest Fiery JDF v1.6 provides following JDF-enabled Fiery features, as well as fixes for know issues and performance optimization.

  • Sequential Print Queue Support: This feature allows integrated upstream software to send jobs to the Fiery server sequentially so that jobs sent in a batch maintains an order of "First In, First Out". The Sequential Print Queue feature needs to be enabled first in Configure for the Fiery server.
  • Specify media for Fiery JDF Banner Page: You can now specify custom media for the Fiery JDF Banner Page. A banner page can be printed before a job, after a job, or before and after a job. The content of the banner page is printed based on the content URL of a PDF file specified in the JDF ticket (such as the location of MIS crystal report) or can be automatically generated based on the job information. The behavior is the same as the Cover page feature in Job Properties.
  • Job level Adobe PDF Print Engine (APPE) on/off: This new feature allows integrated upstream software, such as MIS or a prepress workflow, to remotely turn on or off the Adobe PDF Print Engine Preferred setting in the Job Properties window at the job level.
For more about the latest Fiery JDF, please check our release notes.