Fiery Integration with SCREEN EQUIOS
Control toner-based cutsheet, high-speed inkjet and conventional offset printing from once place
The universal system takes advantage of hybrid printing technologies to achieve superior efficiency and labor savings for today's printing business.


  • JDF/JMF enables the bi-directional integration between SCREEN EQUIOS and Fiery servers.
  • Bring, toner-based custsheet, continuous feed high-speed inkjet, conventional offset printing together.
  • Route jobs to the most cost-effective devices and share the same job ticket and content for multiple devices for prepress consistency.

Easy setup and powerful automation template creation

  • Automatically acquire printer capabilities for EQUOS to submit jobs directly to Fiery servers with color, layout, and finishing options preconfigured.
  • Directly select Fiery Server Presets or Fiery Virtual Printers from EQUIOS to completely automate common job setups and have access to plethora of Fiery digital printing feature set.   

Optimize production time and reduce cost with accurate tracking

  • Bidirectional communication betwee EQUIOS and Fiery Driven presses to check job progress and device status in real time for efficient production.
  • Save time by specifying post-printing processes directly from EQUIOS such as collation, output tray, output ordering, and sheet sorting.

Makeready and inline finishing automation

  • Dynamically define media for each PDF files, color mode, and simplex or duplex, as well as post-printing processes.
  • Eliminate touch points by utilizing inline finishing capabilities of digital presses, completely automate saddle stitch booklet finishing right from EQUIOS.